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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.
ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations each week and we have picked four recent examples for you below.

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#1 US spirit brand in 750ml direct to consumer bags makes carbon footprint reduction claims

An active area of packaging innovation development is the progress in paper bottle solutions. The Innovation Zone has featured several in recent months. The latest to report is from entrepreneurial business 3Epack. The bottle has a distinctive and novel pack shape. 75% of the materials used are made from renewable resources and are compostable. The five parts that make up the pack separate easily for recycling.  A gas-barrier film helps to extend product shelf life.The bottle can be used for a range of non carbonated drinks in volumes up to 20 oz (568ml). The developers claim up to 75% less plastic is used than conventional plastic bottles. The 3EPak bottle contains 5 g of plastic compared to a typical 22.5-g PET bottle used for a shelf-stable juices. The business is currently on the look out for strategic partners to take the development to the next stages.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Paper fibre cup replaces plastic for Swedish dairy brand

Arla Foods owned Swedish dairy brand favourite Keso is switching out of plastic into a paper fibre cup. The substrate change coincides with an updated, more modern brand design switch. The move sees Keso 250g and 500g variants switch to the new paper fibre cup. The change has been instigated to help to reduce the brand’s climate impact. The paper-based raw material instead of plastic will together contribute to 560 tonnes less carbon dioxide emitted each year. According to the brand, this equates to the removal in production of 17 million plastic bags. See also Compostable and recyclable ice cream pack saves 500 tons of plastic annually. EXTRA READING: You can read more about Arla Foods’ sustainable packaging commitment here.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Free-standing new hydration system saves single-use plastic

PepsiCo has unveiled a new hydration system as the global beverage brand aims to develop water solutions that go ‘beyond the bottle’. The company has introduced a new water dispenser, available as both a free-standing and countertop unit. It has a personalised QR code on the device and works in conjunction with the user’s smartphone app. The smart system allows users to track their water intake and set up individual hydration goals. The system also keeps a tally of the environmental savings achieved by replacing the use of single-use plastic bottles. It has a variety of flavours, carbonation options and temperatures to choose from. The introduction follows PepsiCo’s 2018 acquisition of leading home carbonation business SodaStream. The solution tackles three consumer trends around increasing concern for the environment, more preference for refillable bottles as well as increased desire for personalised whenever possible. PepsiCo will launch the platform at selected workplaces, universities and hospitality partners. FURTHER READING: Read more about PepsiCo’s sustainable packaging strategy. See also In-home water appliance launch reduces plastic use.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Dutch mushroom range switches to resealable 100% cardboard pack

Family-own Dutch fruit and vegetable specialists Postuma AGF has developed a resealable 100% cardboard pack for mushrooms. Many of the mushroom packaging initiatives we have featured in the Innovation Zone tend to focus on fibre-based solutions alongside increasing shelf life. In this case, a collaboration that also includes Van Doremaele mushrooms and Kampen, Netherlands based Driepak Verpakkingen has resulted in a unique and modern looking pack with a detachable lid to give some resealing functionality. It has allowed Postuma to stand out on crowded supermarket shelves with this exclusive pack. The full cardboard container helps to preserve product quality as well as reduce instances of plastic use. The packaging is resistant to moisture and the produce is also able to breathe sufficiently. They are packed per 6 x 225 grams.

More info in The Innovation Zone.



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