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by Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub.
I am delighted to bring you my personal Innovation Zone snapshot update, a peek at the emerging trends from ThePackHub’s 6,800-strong global packaging innovation platform.
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Trend Tracking: refillable and reusable packaging growing faster than ever before

This week, I’m taking a deep dive into the refillable and reusable packaging market.

As we delve into this sustainable packaging sector, it is important to note its accelerating growth. The Innovation Zone platform has experienced a surge in the number of initiatives being tracked, with a record-breaking 28 new entries in January alone. This expansion is being mirrored in the marketplace. According to The NPD Group, there has been a 47% increase in refill sales for prestige perfume brands in France to October 2022, compared to the previous year. UK reusable deodorant brand, Fussy (first posted in the Innovation Zone in June 2021) forecasts its revenues to double in 2023. Recent regulations, such as the German obligation for restaurants and cafes to use reusable packaging instead of disposable plastic packaging, is already helping to further fuel demand for reusable packaging.

Companies such as Ringo, Topanga, Hey Circle, and Burger King have taken advantage of this trend by offering innovative refillable and reusable packaging solutions posted to the Innovation Zone.
Ringo has partnered with Rimi to pilot reusable packaging in three stores, offering a single-use or reusable option with a returnable deposit. Start up Topanga is providing technology and services for effective reusable packaging programmes, including a track-and-trace system to improve return rates and monitor container inventory. Hey Circle offers a patented, climate-neutral reusable shipping box that reduces CO2 emissions by 40% with 40 uses, made of commonly recycled materials. Burger King has partnered with Recup to supply reusable cups in all of its 750 German restaurants, with a €1 deposit and the option to return the cups at any Burger King restaurant or Recup partner.

Viewing the refillable and reusable packaging market as a valuable opportunity, not a threat to conventional packaging methods, is crucial. With the increasing focus on circular economy-based environmental goals, this market is set to experience continued growth and success.

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