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by Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub.
I’m pleased to share with you an Innovation Zone snapshot update, which provides a glimpse into the emerging trends on ThePackHub’s global packaging innovation platform.
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Trend Tracking: recycling initiatives are increasing and this is why

This week, I’m taking a deep dive into recycling.

The number of recycling initiatives posted to our Innovation Zone platform continues to be impressive. We’re tracking many examples and have already posted 129 recycled content or recyclable initiatives since the start of 2023.

The desire for recyclable packaging results from several factors, including ongoing environmental concerns, various regulations and pacts, technological advancements and consumer pressure to deliver more sustainable packaging. On that last point, 85% of US consumers strongly believe in recycling, according to the Recycling Partnership. A survey conducted by Amcor, indicated that most consumers (76%) desire to increase their recycling efforts, with recyclability being the most important sustainability factor in packaging that concerns them. Research from Kantor last year shows that 60% of consumers are seeking “better plastic choices”.


Here are five new recycling initiatives we think you should know about recently posted to the Innovation Zone.

ProAmpac have launched ProActive Recyclable R-2050, a sustainable flexible packaging series for frozen food, fresh produce, dry foods, and pet treats in Europe, which is a patent-pending, PE-based alternative to conventional multi-material laminated structures. The R-2050 series offers high clarity, drop resistance, stiffness, dimpling resistance, puncture resistance, and directional tear without the need for laser scoring. It is also widely recyclable and OPRL-compliant in the UK.

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives have released a range of 100% recycled fibre labels with 30% rPET liners, designed for high-performance applications where wet strength technology is required, such as wine and beer bottle labels. The group aims to double the volume of sustainable items in its product portfolio by 2030, and the 100% Recycled Premium Papers are FSC-certified.

Polytag have developed a low-cost and easily retrofitted two-part UV tag reading solution in collaboration with researchers at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. The UV tags will provide packaging lifecycle data to key stakeholders in the supply chain, and retailers Co-op and Ocado have already partnered with Polytag. Co-op’s two-litre own-brand spring water bottles will have UV tags printed on their labels and be detected by Polytag’s UV tag reader at the Abergele Recycling Centre in North Wales.

Vinventions recently launched the Nomacorc Ocean closure made from Ocean-Bound Plastic (OBP), which is collected under ethical and profitable conditions certified to Zero Plastic Oceans standards to prevent marine pollution. Two partnerships have been forged with Donnafugata Estate in Sicily and Maison Bouey in France for their wines.

5 Tesco have partnered with Keep Sea Blue to incorporate a minimum of 30% Recycled Seaside Plastic (RSP) into the plastic packaging for its fish products, including salmon, haddock, cod, and sea bass lines. The RSP is collected within 10km of the Mediterranean Sea from beaches, coastlines, and coastal communities. The PET packaging will be sorted, ground, washed, and recycled for food-grade packaging materials.

In summary, these innovations are typical of the initiatives we are tracking in the Innovation Zone and demonstrate the continued focus on recycling in the packaging industry. ProAmpac’s ProActive Recyclable R-2050 and Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives’ 100% recycled fibre labels provide sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging without sacrificing performance. Polytag’s UV tag reading solution offers a way to collect packaging lifecycle data. Vinventions’ Nomacorc Ocean and Tesco’s partnership with Keep Sea Blue to incorporate recycled seaside plastic in its fish product packaging demonstrates a commitment to reducing the use of virgin plastic using plastic destined for the sea. These initiatives highlight the industry’s efforts to move towards more sustainable packaging via recycling efforts.

We expect this recycling trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

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