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by Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub.
I’m pleased to share with you an Innovation Zone snapshot update, which provides a glimpse into the emerging trends on ThePackHub’s global packaging innovation platform.
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Trend Tracking: Paper bottles are getting traction and here’s why

This week, I’m taking a deep dive into the world of paper bottles.

The packaging industry is constantly seeking sustainable alternatives to single-use packaging materials. The search for innovative solutions to replace plastic is ongoing, and The Innovation Zone is closely monitoring the switch to various materials in pursuit of improved sustainability.

One of the latest and most intriguing solutions we’re tracking is the development of paper bottles. They are quickly gaining attention as an alternative to traditional packaging materials such as glass, plastic, and aluminium. Some question the introduction of paper bottles as an alternative material particularly if there is a plastic lining used, which can negate the ‘plastic-free’ headline these solutions often aim to garner.

However, paper bottles are made from renewable materials, and are recyclable and biodegradable, making them a potentially effective tool in reducing carbon footprint particularly compared to glass. They are also lightweight and unbreakable, easily transportable, and can be customized in shape and design to meet specific product needs.

As consumer demand for environmentally friendly products grows, paper bottles are emerging as a viable and exciting solution for the packaging industry. While concerns about the use of plastic liners must be addressed, the potential benefits of paper bottles in reducing the industry’s impact on the environment make them a promising innovation.


Here are five new paper bottle initiatives we think you should know about recently posted to the Innovation Zone.

  1. PA Consulting and PulPac launched the Bottle Collective to industrialize a low-cost, high-speed dry moulded fibre recyclable bottle process, with the aim of replacing single-use plastic bottles for various products. Fibre bottles use less water and have already been prototyped, with brand partners working to scale production by 2025.
  2. Distillery 98’s Half Shell Vodka, sold in a Frugalpac paper bottle, uses recycled paperboard and food-grade inner pouch, with 77% less plastic and five times less carbon footprint than glass. The vodka is filtered through Gulf oyster shells and reflects the Florida coastline’s ecology.
  3. SUPA Innovations developed a world-first paper bottle for eco-mate laundry and washing up liquids, with an internal seaweed and natural plant latex coating for biodegradability. The bottle is compostable or recyclable, avoiding a plastic lining.
  4. Cullen Packaging’s Fibre Bottle is a fully recyclable moulded pulp product for dry goods, using natural and recycled materials and a closed-loop recycling system. The product could potentially replace 270m single-use plastic bottles annually.
  5. P&G is trialing paper bottles for Lenor’s Fabric Conditioner with Paboco and Albert Heijn, gathering feedback to develop a fully recyclable paper bottle at scale to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging. The bottle is made from FSC-certified paper fibres with an inner layer of recycled plastic.

In conclusion, the packaging industry’s search for sustainable alternatives to single-use materials is ongoing, and paper bottles are emerging as a promising solution. Whilst their relative sustainability needs to be challenged and concerns about plastic liners must be addressed, the use of renewable materials, recyclability and biodegradability make paper bottles a potentially effective tool in reducing carbon footprint.

With developers continuing to innovate and explore and improve sustainable paper bottle packaging. this area looks set to continue to grow.

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