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ThePackHub Innovation Zone Snapshot

by Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub.
I’m pleased to share our latest snapshot update, which provides a glimpse into the emerging trends fromThePackHub’s global packaging innovation platform – the Innovation Zone.

Today, I’m taking a special look at The Sustainability Awards.

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Five stand out innovations I spotted whilst judging The Sustainability Awards.

I was lucky to be once again part of the esteemed judging panel for this year’s Sustainable Packaging Awards. I was one of more than 50 judges tasked with assessing the many entries across two rounds. The winners will be announced in Amsterdam on Tuesday, 14th November (register here) as part of the Sustainable Packaging Summit.

Here are five stand-out initiatives with a great chance of award glory (in my humble opinion). I have no insider knowledge, of course, but these all caught my eye for their innovative and differentiated approaches.

Firstly, we have Plastiques Venthenat, in collaboration with Citeo, Olga, Amcor, CEDAP, and Synerlink, with their Fully Recyclable Ready Yogurt FFS pack. Yoghurt cup packaging made of single (98.5%) raw material polystyrene is a worldwide innovation. This new pack promises to optimise the efficiency of the whole recycling chain process, from sorting to new recycled material applications. It will allow yoghurt producers to claim their packaging is fully recyclable. This has been shortlisted in the pre-commercialized Recyclable Packaging category.

Next, Amcor’s Quantum technology offers a lightweight finish for PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles, slashing more than 50% of the material and weight from the bottle’s finish. This results in cost-efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions. It has been nominated in the pre-commercialized Climate category.

A collaboration between Chilean reusable packaging company Algramo, digital wallet providers MACH, and Coca Cola Andina is helping to promote packaging reuse in universities. In November of last year, Algramo, in partnership with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Coca-Cola Andina, launched the first pilot of its beverage container reuse project. The pilot managed to keep more than 800 containers in circulation, achieving a reuse of 72% and a positive reception. Following this success, the pilot will begin its second phase with MACH, with 22 vending machines on different university campuses in the Metropolitan Region.

Krysteline Technologies, another contender, offers global solutions for glass processing. Their systems handle various types of glass—from containers and flat glass to pharmaceutical borosilicate and photovoltaic cells—transforming them into ultra-low CO2 products for diverse markets, including Remelt. This initiative is shortlisted in the commercialized Best Practice category.

Finally, Rotomac’s ICEBREAKER 167 – CORELESS machine stands out for its revolutionary method of producing coreless aluminium foil rolls. Developed under the ROTOMAC brand by IMS TECHNOLOGIES, this technology dramatically cuts down on carbon emissions and paper usage, while offering substantial savings in stock and logistical expenses. It is nominated in the pre-commercialized Climate category.

The Sustainability Awards are part of a packed agenda at the Sustainable Packaging Summit. Come and join us! You can find out more and book here.

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Until next time. Happy innovating.
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