January 2022

Mono-material tray uses tooth profile to maintain seal integrity

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UK-based Waddington Europe has launched a new MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) tray that does not require the PE (polyethylene) sealing layer that is usually required for an efficient seal. The new mono-material tray concept, is known as Pirahnha, due to its defined tooth profile on the tray’s sealing surface. The raised teeth surface on the tray’s rim helps to maintain the seal integrity as greasy contaminants are forced into the channels between the raised teeth, leaving the peaks clear and clean for contact with the PET top web. The mono-material PET trays use the same sealing and dwell settings as conventional products. During testing, burst seals due to contamination were reduced to almost zero using the Piranha trays. As a mono-material package, the tray is capable of being fully recycled. Piranha can also be made with up to 100% rPET for compliance with the UK Plastic Packaging Tax. See also Innovative technology improves sealing and recyclability.

thepackhubs-viewThe defined tooth profile is a differentiated and clever way to maintain seal integrity.


This has applications for Food products.


October 2021

Monomaterial punnet for berries and soft fruits introduced

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Packaging of some description for soft fruit is unavoidable – many soft or small fruits like berries are vulnerable to deformation, so they cannot be left without packaging protection, unlike more resistant fruits. A priority for this packaging requirement is to make it more sustainable. An example can be found from Novolex brand and Milton Keynes, UK-based Waddington Europe who have launched a mono-material fruit punnet employing their “MonoAir” cushion technology to keep the fruit protected. Made to replace traditionally used punnets with an extra layer of bubble padding, the mono-material aspect of the pack allows for easier recycling, due to the lack of the need for the separation of different materials before they can be recycled. The pack is also reported to contain around 30% less plastic than previous iterations while continuing to preserve the good protection and preservation of the fruit inside.

thepackhubs-viewThis is a pragmatic way to deliver the necessary product protection without requiring the conventional unrecyclable bubble padding. This design should help inform future designs that could eradicate bubble padding usage.


This has specific applications for soft fruit in the Food sector.

June 2021

High clarity hot fill pack available in rPET format

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UK-based thermoformers Waddington Europe, part of Novolex, has added to its range of TamperVisible® protective packaging products, by adding an rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) hot-fill option. The TamperVisible Hot Fill can be filled at temperatures of up to 85°C (185°F). Products suitable for the hot fill version include sauces, soups, ready meals, and other microwavable products. A corner of the pack requires a snap mechanism to be broken to gain access to the contents. The high clarity of TamperVisible Hot Fill is seen as superior to PP (polypropylene) or cPET (crystalline polyethylene terephthalate), which have more of an opaque appearance. Using Waddington Europe’s Eco Blend™, the containers are available with four levels of recycled content, ranging from 30 to 100%. The weight of Waddington’s rPET Hot Fill containers is said to be 30% lower than comparable PP versions. It is also RecyCLASS grade A approved which means it is compliant with the impending UK plastic tax in April 2022.

thepackhubs-viewThis initiative offers several functional improvements including high clarity, lightweighting and recycled content.


This has applications for Food sector products.



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