September 2022

Estonian startup provides reusable cup system for marathons

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Ringo Eco is an Estonian startup that provides restaurants, offices and events with a reusable packaging system. Their latest success has been supporting the Tallinn Marathon, and was the largest sports event in Northern Europe in 2022, to move away from single-use disposable cups. By using Ringo Eco’s reusable cups, they saved an estimated 100,000 cups over three days. The system works by consumers registering on the Ringo website. When the consumer gets a reusable cup, they are charged a small deposit, which is returned when the QR code on the cup is scanned and returned to one of the collection points. Ringo says that industrial washing of cups uses 50-100 grams of water per cup, whereas research publications show that producing new cups each time would take 50-100 times more water per cup. Ringo Eco say they are already booking sports events and conferences in Scandinavia for 2022 and 2023.

thepackhubs-viewThis is an interesting reusable packaging model for sporting events that puts a small deposit to ensure take up.


This has applications in the Beverage sector.


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