August 2023

EPS alternative is made from grain husks

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Proservation is a German company that has developed an innovative packaging solution out of grain husks. Their product, called RECOU, is an alternative packaging cushioning material based on grain husks, the wrappings of cereal grains. For certain types of grain, the husks are separated from the grain during the first processing step and accumulate in large quantities at regional hulling mills. The company uses the naturally grown cavities of the husks for the necessary cushioning and insulating effect of the packaging material. RECOU is completely biogenic and biodegradable. It can be produced in a few simple and low-energy process steps and disposed of in the organic waste garbage bin. Thanks to a specially developed ecological binder, RECOU can be shaped as desired, and due to comparable material properties, it has the potential to substitute petrochemical packaging solutions such as EPS (expanded polystyrene) and represent a sustaibale alternative for many applications.

thepackhubs-viewUsing a waste by-product for packaging be appealing to consumers.



This has opportunities for products across sectors.

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