April 2021

30% recycled stretch wrap anticipates new plastic tax

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In a move that anticipates the scheduled 2022 UK plastic tax, Coventry-based Macfarlane Packaging has announced that its blown hand-applied stretch film has been reformulated to include 30% recycled content. This means that these products will not be liable to the additional tax of £200 per tonne. The new tax is an attempt by the UK government to encourage greater levels of plastic recycling. The product lines to benefit from this change will be their Heavy, Super Heavy and Extra Heavy blown stretch films. The addition of 30% recycled material will take out an estimated 250 tonnes of virgin material annually. The move is part of Macfarlane’s commitment to sustainability and follows their move to Sealed Air’s Air Cap bubble wrap which has a recycled content of 50% and has already resulted in the removal of 100 tonnes of virgin plastic. See also Stretch film introduced with 75% recycled material.

UK legislation policy has directed that there will be a tax for plastic packaging that does not have at least 30% recycled content. See UK to tax plastic packaging with less than 30% of recycled content.


thepackhubs-viewThe recycled content for stretch film without functional compromise improves the sustainability of this pack format.


This has applications across sectors using stretch wrap.

July 2020

New e-commerce range to ship individual spirits and wine bottles launched

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September 2019

Biodegradable and plastic-free wine packaging also looks great

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UK leading supplier of protective packaging, Macfarlane Packaging is the enabler for a new paper-based packaging solution to prevent glass bottle transit damage. The distinctive solution is set to challenge convention in the UK drinks industry. The growing e-commerce sector has seen the popularity of beverage bottles being sent via the postal system. Macfarlane will be using the patent pending Flexi-Hex packaging system that is a distinctive 100% paper-based structure made with water-based glues. The wholly plastic-free solution is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable.  The Flexi-Hex design incorporates a concertina honeycomb sleeve protector that expands to form a protective impact layer around the beverage bottles. The pack looks so good that it can be used as gift packaging and can also be branded. See also Unique cellular structure keeps industrial products safe.

According to The China Packaging Federation more than 10 billion cardboard packing boxes were produced in 2017 that used 4,600 tons of base paper. That is equal to 72 million trees and 300 million rolls of packing tape.

thepackhubs-viewThis is a distinctive pack format that has good potential beyond the beverage market.


This has opportunities across all sectors utilising e-commerce.

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