June 2017

Visual indicator label informs on poultry freshness

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A new label patented by the manufacturer of printing inks and varnishes Chimigraf aims to improve chicken produce freshness visual communication. The smart technology Freshcode label is a unique visual indicator, that displays the freshness of chicken breasts. Freshcode has been developed in collaboration with Valencia, Spain based ITENE. It The centre of the Freshcode label is impregnated with an intelligent ink, which captures the emission of volatile gases released as chicken that has been treated with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) begins to spoil. The intelligent ink gradually changes colour to indicate the level of freshness and the product is no longer suitable for consumption when the label turns fully black. This is a rich area of development and we have reported on a variety of other examples – Colour-changing label to help indicate food freshnessSelf-adhesive device changes colour to show food freshnessColour changing packaging indicates if product is fit for consumption and Label changes colour to inform on shelf-life length.

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thepackhubs-viewPackaging innovations that deliver a discernible consumer benefit will always be popular with brand owners. We have reported on other colour changing labels initiatives in the Innovation Zone, which have yet to be fully commercialised. A major challenge to overcome here is how to overcome any legal obligations to display date information on pack as a colour changing label is not the conventional way to communicate whether a product is fit for consumption.


This innovation has been designed specifically for poultry but also has potential for other products in the Food sector as well as potentially the Health & Beauty sector. We expect to see more development work of this type in the future.

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