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by Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub.
I’m pleased to share a new initiative from ThePackHub where we focus on the exciting world of packaging startups.

Startups are the lifeblood of the packaging innovation industry and we believe are worthy of some extra attention here.

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Innovation Zone – Startup of the week #1

Low cost temperature tracker needs no power supply

CleanTech & Beyond is a deep-tech university spin-off located at the centre of innovation district in Rayong, Thailand, that specialises in developing advanced materials for environmental sensing applications. The company’s DTI, or “Digital Temperature Indicator,” is an irreversible temperature indicator label that allows temperature-tracking at the item level and displays the status in both visual and digital formats when an item is exposed to temperatures outside of a specific threshold. The DTI’s core technology is based on patented thermoresponsive materials. The DTI is created to broaden the usage of passive RFID/NFC labels from just tracking items to include sensing and ensuring the quality of temperature-sensitive products. The DTI can constantly track the ambient temperature of an attached item without any external power sources – no need for batteries, with the cost of a DTI reported to be comparable to traditional RFID/NFC labels.

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The Startup Interview #3

In the third of a series of interviews with packaging startup founders and entrepreneurs, I chat with Alistair Ezzy, Sales Director of ecoMLR, a recent winner of ThePackHub’s Packaging Startup Awards.

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Innovation Zone – Startup of the week #2

Estonian startup gets funding for wood-based alternative to bubble wrap

Raiku is an Estonian startup that has developed an innovative protective packaging product alternative to PE (polyethylene) bubblewrap. The company’s product is made from sustainable wooden ‘springs’. They have now announced that they have received funding of €8.8M (£7.7m), made up of a €5.65 million grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and €3.15 million in investments from private sector investors, including Kaamos, Vestman, Little Green Fund, as well as numerous private investors from Estonia and Finland. The company’s primary objective with this new funding is to advance its chemical-free and compostable packaging material technology, establish its first factory, and expand production on a global scale. Raiku specialises in creating sustainable, protective, and entirely natural packaging materials with a low CO2 footprint to address the pressing issue of packaging waste ending up in landfills and nature.

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