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In a world where innovation provides a huge competitive advantage for FMCG brands, ThePackHub has been recording innovative packaging launches from around the world for our Innovation Zone for over a decade.  This valuable database has become the industry ‘go to’ for inspiration.

We have been asking ourselves how we can deliver a step change in inspiration to our clients and have been looking for ways that we can share innovative solutions – even before they reach the market.  We are pleased to reveal that we are reviewing published patents – as soon as they are available to view.


Sometimes, published patents provide whacky, creative, and hard-to-implement solutions.  At the other end of the spectrum, they can provide an insight into the outcome of many years of R&D.  Whilst the differences are clear to the trained eye, whatever the ‘technology readiness’ level of patent published, it can be a valuable source of inspiration, with inventors or industry players attacking problems from different angles.


We invite you to join us in our first monthly review of packaging patents from around the world.  Our hope is that these can inspire, educate and ultimately help you innovate.  The patents have been categorised with the following primary functions in mind:

Dispensing. Paperisation. Improved consumer experience. Draining. Pulp moulding. Lightweighting/strengthening. Novel materials. Novel opening. Venting. Connected packaging. Improved barrier and more.


Researched and analysed by ThePackHub’s Katie Roselaar, the report includes an interactive launch webinar in which Katie reviews each invention independently and brings it back to the Innovation Zone to show related launched products.

Katie has worked for one of the world’s largest metal packaging manufacturers for almost two decades. With the majority of her tenure spent in research and development, she is a named inventor on several patents. She brings her expertise in product design and packaging strategy, as well as her breadth of knowledge in packaging materials, as she takes us through our top 20 patents for this month.

The exclusive webinar will be live on Thursday 18th April – 3pm UK.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry – a recording will be made available exclusively for ThePatentZone report purchasers to watch at your own convenience.



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