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ThePackHub Semiotics

At ThePackHub, we believe in thorough assessment of packaging to deepen our understanding of the markets we operate in and the consumers whose needs we aim to meet.

As part of this assessment, we offer semiotic analysis. Semiotics is the analysis of symbols and what they stand for within their cultural context. Packaging and marketing professionals using semiotic analysis at the beginning of a project find this opens up their thinking and gives them another way to gain a competitive advantage.

For those embarking on packaging projects, semiotics can answer important questions such as what do the visuals, colours, textures and communication short-codes in your category / field of operation mean to your target audience, how are they changing over time and how you can best employ them to meet your objectives.

Download these case studies on seasonal packaging and water on the go.

Case Studies

Seasonal Packaging

Photo of Seasonal Packaging - thepackhub.comFind out more about the semiotics of seasonal packaging and download our free report. Click here.

Water Packaging

Photo of Water Packaging - thepackhub.comWe have analysed the UK water packaging market. To find out more and download this free report, please click here.

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