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Introducing It’s a Wrap!

We have partnered with innovation experts Upswing Innovation who specialise in Ideation and Consumer Research.

“It’s a Wrap!” is an ideation programme specifically designed to explore new packaging ideas, novel packaging formats, substrates and ways to make your brand or product stand out better on-shelf.

Ideation is an integral part of the process leading to great packaging innovation and the development of exciting new packaging ideas.

Well thought out packaging innovation will build and enhance the experience, add excitement, anticipation or deliver clever practicality.

Idea generation can be a daunting process for some or one that is treated too casually by others. That’s why organisations can benefit greatly from using experts to help them through a staged process of getting to great ideas.

Post Its and Hand - thepackhub.comThe four fundamental stages are:

  1. Understanding the strategic context
  2. Planning the ideation
  3. Creating the ideas
  4. Evaluating the ideas


Combining our experience and expertise, we believe that working together “It’s a Wrap!” offers:

  • Commercial wisdom combined with creative magic!
  • Excellent facilitation based on 15 years of workshop experience
  • Deep understanding of Packaging technical knowhow, including materials and processes
  • Rich creative thought provoking stimulus and relevant packaging examples
  • Dynamic and innovative tasks and techniques to explore and unlock the opportunity
  • A positive environment of fun and energy to release latent creativity and encourage problem solving.
  • Advice on attendees, mix of internal team and inclusion of consumers

Child on a diving board - thepackhub.comThe “It’s a Wrap!” model is designed to include all the fundamental aspects of ideation. However, dependant on client objectives it can be flexed to emphasize certain components or include additional elements. For example:

It’s a Wrap! Express: A 2 day intensive programme of packaging innovation, when a funnel of packaging ideas is required. Uses a cross functional client team with consumer groups at key times in the ideation programme to understand consumer packaging needs and screen ideas.

It’s a Wrap! Co-Creation: A mixed client team works with specially recruited creative consumers to create and build packaging ideas.

Allows clients to get much closer to their end users and understand their key issues.

It’s a Wrap! Technical: Cross functional client team looking at creative packing solutions that build on existing capabilities.

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