ThePackHub is collaborating with Eazy-Open, which is set to make hard-to-open plastic packaging a thing of the past.

Eazy-Open have developed a simple but highly effective and flexible packaging solution which has been extensively tested on a range of users with excellent results. The Eazy-Open innovation is both intuitive and much easier to open than conventional packaging. Further benefits include:


  • No added costs to production, with less material than the stud closure-type pack reducing material costs and waste. The reduction in pack depth also reduces transport and display costs.
  • Easier recycling than plastic and cardboard packaging. The ease of opening enables compliance with future trends towards in-store packaging removal and wider environmental regulations.
  • Makes products more inclusive to those with physical disabilities, including the elderly, infirm, and visually impaired, along with significantly increasing the safety of opening such products in general.

What’s more, Eazy-Open can be integrated into existing manufacturing production now. Not in 10 years, not in 6 months, but today.

Eazy-Open was born out of asking a simple question – why is packaging so difficult to open?

Consumers have had to battle with packaging for years and the current solutions come with their own set of problems. This includes the mixed-material paper & cardboard packaging, which, though easier to open, is much harder to recycle, and even Amazon’s frustration free packaging is typically not as protective as PET plastic packaging, as it relies on cardboard packs. Wrap-rage continues to cause consumer frustration, and real bodily harm. Last year, over 6000 people in the US alone sustained self-inflicted injuries to hands and other body parts, just from trying to open hard-to-open packaging.

Eazy-Open is the cure for wrap-rage. With an ingeniously simple design innovation, Eazy-Open solves the problem of hard-to-open packaging, whilst maintaining all the benefits of recyclable plastic packaging.

The next evolution of packaging design

Eazy-Open is a new packaging solution which upholds the benefits of hard-to-open plastic packaging, while at the same time:

  • Increasing ease of opening packaging for all consumers, including those with disabilities
  • Protecting and ensuring the safety of the contents
  • Drastically reducing risk of injury for consumers
  • Reducing packaging waste by decreasing the amount of material needed

We can make wrap-rage a thing of the past. Join us in gaining back consumers’ trust and preference – and saving a few fingers along the way.

Check out the Eazy-Open website for further information and a few brilliant examples of wrap-rage.

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