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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.
ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations each week and we have picked four recent examples for you below.

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#1 Pistachio box structure designed to look like the product

Packaging manufacturer Mondi’s creative team have worked together to deliver a new distinctive structural design that is designed to look like the product it protects. Pistachio Dream is inspired by the pistachio nut with the structure, colour (pistachio brown and green) and the opening mechanism designed to resemble the product itself. By pulling the two sides of the box apart, the end user mimics the peeling of the pistachio nut from the peel. The trays that appear on the outside when the pack has been opened work as receptacles for empty pistachio shells. The corrugated cardboard exterior of the primary packaging also makes it easy to stack the nut produce on the shelf.


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#2 Consumer good giant launches recyclable black pigment

It is estimated that the UK sends more than one million tonnes of black plastics to landfill every year. Its carbon content prevents it from being detected by the infra-red sorting systems used in reprocessing facilities. However, this is changing with measures in place to replace black plastics with materials that the Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) are able to recycle. Global consumer goods giant Unilever has revealed a ‘detectable and recyclable’ black plastic pack development. The new pigment makes black plastics detectable by the recycling equipment. The material will be used across Unilever’s TRESemme and Lynx brands for the UK market. Unilever collaborated with several UK recycling experts including RECOUP, WRAP and waste management giants Veolia, SUEZ and Viridor to develop the solution. The move will divert up to 2,500 tonnes of black plastic from landfill and incineration every year. Unilever have also pledged to ensure that its Lynx and TRESemme packaging is made using 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in due course. Read more about the company’s sustainable packaging commitment. See also Black plastic recycling challenge met by laundry and home care brand.

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#3 Food cling film gets a design reinvention

Food Wrap is a patent-pending reinvention of everyday plastic cling wrap. Food Wrap has been created to wrap food without using single-use plastics. The solution also promises to be easy to clean and subsequently reuse. Food Wrap promises to easily wrap food items like cling film and can be dishwasher cleaned or hand washed to make it reusable on many occasions. As well as cling film, Food Wrap can also replace baking paper and tin foil. Food Wrap is heat resistant to 235°C so can be used in the oven or microwave. It is a silicone material. Freezer friendly and stain resistant, the wraps are 40cm x 30cm x 1mm in size and can even be stretched to around three times its original size. See also Reusable fabric designed to replace plastic for food preservation.


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#4 Resealable fruit bag incorporates easy open front aperture

An easy open and resealable system designed by Barcelona headquartered Giró for their Ultrabag net pack makes it simple for consumers to open and close a bag easily and comfortably. The fresh produce packaging supplier commissioned research to find out about the most important features of net bag packaging. The results via Nielsen revealed that consumers prefer using net bags for fruit over plastic bags, paper bags and punnets. The results also showed that net packaging improves product visibility and perceived superior breathability. Consumers also fed back the need for a simple open and close feature that is mainly missing from this type of pack format. Giró’s Easy Open System is created using the GirBagger UB Machine. Once opened, consumers can take out the amount of fruit required then using an adhesive tag. It is easy to reseal the bag.

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