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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations each week and we have picked four recent examples for you below.

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#1 Lip product made entirely from paper and cardboard

Crema, Italy headquartered cosmetic packaging experts Mktg Industry have introduced a packaging solution for lip products made entirely from paper and cardboard. Their Eco Beauty Stick is a biodegradable, compostable and recyclable version of lip balm packaging. It has been positioned as an alternative to conventional ‘twist-up’ lip product packaging and avoids the use of plastic components. A push rather than twist mechanism is used with the inner part of the pack treated with wax paper so that the formula can slide up easily. Consumers just push the bottom of the pack to raise the product. It has applications for lip balms, solid perfumes and body balms. See also Plastic-cork combination improves lip balm eco credentials.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Compostable cup lids allow consumption without a straw

Hartsville, South Carolina based leader in sustainable paper and plastic packaging, Novolex has introduced a compostable cup lid that offers consumers a no-spill drinking experience. The new lid makes the use of a straw unnecessary. Novolex’s Eco-Product cup lid is manufactured from a plant-based plastic and is available in a variety of sizes to fit different cups. The company has already started supplying the compostable lids to music arenas and sports stadia in the US and Canada to help prevent accidental beverage spills as well as reduce plastic straw usage. Previously, Eco-Products launched a compostable takeout container range in multiple shapes and sizes made from sugarcane fibre. See also Plant-based coffee cup and lid is fully compostable.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Reusable water bottles made from sugarcane have strong sustainability claims

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazilian petrochemical company, Braskem have been regular visitors to the pages of the Innovation Zone as we regularly report on the roll out of their ‘I’m Green’ sugarcane based bio-material solution. The business is utilising their material via a collaboration with Netherlands based water company Join the Pipe to deliver a solution that ticks two significant sustainability boxes. They have introduced reusable water bottles made with the I’m Green material for distribution throughout the US, Africa and Europe. The use of reusable packaging is a growing trend and a reaction to the negativity surrounding the consumption of single-use plastics. The bottle is 100% recyclable. The use of sugarcane has another positive environmental message as it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere by capturing carbon dioxide during its production process. The income generated will benefit 300 social projects in developing countries.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Banana leaves used by mainstream Thai retailer to bundle fruit and veg

The use of seemingly excessive packaging is the chagrin of eco-focused consumers looking for retailers to reduce the amount of packaging used. This is of particular focus in the fruit and vegetable aisle with supermarkets under pressure to get rid of their plastic packaging. The Rimping Supermarket chain in Thailand has found a clever way to reduce their plastic packaging but still ensure that products are protected. The international supermarket chain is now using banana leaves as packaging instead of plastic. The leaves are used to hold together products such as bunches of chillies, spring onions and peppers. The additional use of flexible bamboo helps keep the contents in place. Plastic is still used for the product label. The leaves are humidity-resistant to help preserve the contents in challenging conditions. The banana leaves are readily available in Thailand and are often discarded.

More info in The Innovation Zone.



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