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Catch up on the latest sustainable packaging innovation trends with this whistle-stop tour of the latest initiatives. We cover many of the recent important in-market and developmental sustainable examples to inspire you and keep you up to speed.

We are joined by Mauro Cozzi CEO and co-founder of carbon footprint reduction experts Emitwise. Hosted by Paul Jenkins and Barrington Pamplin of ThePackHub.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations webinar from ThePackHub with Emitwise. Broadcast 24th February 2022.

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The Ecopack Challenge was conceived with the intention to challenge the packaging industry by placing sustainability at the focus of its operations.

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#1 World-first reusable pouch with tracking system hits market

UK reusable packaging pioneers Bower Collective have introduced what is claimed as a world-first reusable pouch. The BowerPack can be used up to 10 times before it is recycled by the company through a specialised partner. The pouch utilises a one-way valve system, which only allows liquids to flow in one direction out of the pack. This should prevent contaminants from entering the packaging. BowerPack utilises an innovative tracking system, using digital infrastructure experts Reath’s unique digital passports to give each pouch an individual and distinguishable identity, adding an extra layer of security to the constant reuse of the pack, and allowing the company to know which product is in any pouch at any given moment. The customer also gains from the use of the tracking system – they can scan the QR code and check for themselves how many times their pack has been reused, and how much carbon and plastic waste has been prevented. Once a customer is finished with the pack, they simply pack it into an envelope and send it to Bower who will clean and get them ready for reuse again.


#2 Chocolate manufacturing food waste used for new biomaterial

A material designer from Germany is using food waste from chocolate factories to create a solid biomaterial. Paula Nerlich, who is now studying for a PhD at Newcastle University in the UK, has developed a product called COCOA, a material composed of 50% of the shells that initially protect the cocoa beans, mixed with other vegan, compostable and more environmentally friendly ingredients. She selected this ingredient, which represents several tons of surplus every year. Indeed, in the cocoa industry, only the bean is important and only parts of the surplus from chocolate production find further use. Many attempts were undertaken before being fully satisfied with the texture of her material and its physical form. Once this had been achieved a collaboration with Canada-based Punctuate Design to create a physical product from her new material. with whom KUSK was developed, a speculative container concept for the cosmetics industry.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Muesli pouch can be rolled for easy recycling

O F Packaging is an Australian packaging company that specialises in sustainable flexible and carton packaging. They have now been awarded The Diamond award at the Dow 2021 Packaging Innovation Awards, which is the highest honour, and had 189 entries, leading to 36 shortlisted finalists. The solution is a high barrier, kerbside recyclable Muesli Pouch for muesli manufacturer Brookfarm. Once the pack is empty, the flat pack can be rolled up into a tube by the consumer and secured with a label that is attached to the pack, ready for kerbside collection and subsequent recycling. The recyclable muesli pouch, as part of the Australian Roll ‘n’ Recycle programme, took over a year of development and testing.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Cheese traceability enhanced via microchipped labels

In an attempt to tackle potential food fraud activity with its world-famous cheese, the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium has incorporated secure digital labels onto its cheese wheels. They have teamed up with Dutch cheesemark designer Kaasmerk Matec and US developer of digital tracking tech p-Chip Corporation to add blockchain-enabled digital labels to improve the traceability of its cheese. The partnership between Kaasmerk Matec and p-Chip resulted in the development of a micro transponder – a blockchain crypto anchor that can be embedded into 2D QR code labels or a smaller Data Matrix code. According to p-Chip, their micro transponder cannot be replicated or counterfeited and can survive a temperature range of -200°C to 500°C. It is resistant to microwave irradiation and is not affected by solvents or reagents. The microchip embedded into the casein label of the parmesan wheel is reported to be as small as a grain of salt and is also food safe.


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Sustainability and climate change expert Tom Wood, Carbon Accounting Lead, of net-zero carbon specialists Emitwise talks about the growing demand for carbon emission reduction insight.

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