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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.
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#1 World-first paper cap created for paper tubes

There have ongoing developments reported in the Innovation Zone to improve the recyclability of tubes of various formats. However, the caps that accompany their use are perhaps a little behind in terms of optimising their end-of-life design. Swedish manufacturer of paper cores, tubes, bobbins and cylindrical packaging, Scandicore have collaborated with PulPac to create what is reported to be the world’s first caps for paper tubes that are made of paper themselves. PulPac’s Dry Moulded Fiber technology is patented and is available to be licensed to producers through the PulPac Modula standardized machine platform, available at their PulPac Tech Centre for sample and bridge volume production. Dry Molded Fiber products boast high physical strength combined with efficient use of water and energy as well as substantial reductions of CO2. The cap is expected to reach consumers in the first half of 2022, via a number of Europe’s leading online stores.


#2 Magnetic ink technology delivers efficient recycling material separation

US recycling optimisation business Magnomer are the proud developers of special ink technology, allowing for easier and more efficient separation of shrink labels from PET in the recycling process. Called Magmark SS, the ink is used in the shrink labels to magnetise them, meaning they can be seamlessly pulled from the PET flakes in the recycling process using a magnetic pulley structure. This has a 99.5% accuracy. The inks reportedly do not interfere with optical sort or magnets in MRFs (material recycling facilities) and front-end reclaimer operations. They are bleed-resistant and are designed to survive caustic washing. The company have already secured partnership pilots with the likes of PepsiCo and Fuji Seal.

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#3 Locally-sourced hay used to protect garden tools

Tool manufacturer Stihl France is changing its protective packaging for its garden tools from crumpled kraft paper to hay. The hay, which provides the mechanical protection needed to transport the products, can then be used as bedding for animals, to make decorative objects, or reused again to protect another package. Stihl state that nearly three-quarters (72%) of customers claim to have reused the hay packing material. The hay comes from a farm located just 10 km from the Stihl logistics centre in Quincy-Voisins (Seine-et-Marne), which from a carbon emissions point of view is better than transporting kraft paper that comes, in most cases, from Northern European paper mills. The move has been well received by consumers, with 98% approving of the change. Using hay has also turned out to be more cost effective than kraft, as it is 34% cheaper.

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#4 Long term aim of 25% reusable packaging announced

As part of its ongoing sustainability goals, Coca Cola has announced that it aims to make 25% of its beverage packaging reusable by 2030. In order to achieve this goal they will package their products in returnable glass or plastic bottles or, alternatively, in refillable containers. At present, returnable glass bottles and refillable polyethylene (PET) account for more than 50% of the company’s product sales in more than 20 markets. In 2020, Coca-Cola’s traditional refillable and returnable packaging represented around 16% of its total volume. Due to the global nature and diversity of the business, they plan to adopt different methods in each market to achieve this goal. Coca Cola states that the use of reusable packages provides added value for consumers and customers while supporting their ‘World Without Waste’ goal to collect a bottle or can for every one they sell by 2030.


Packaging question of the week

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Last week, 65% thought that refillable or returnable bottles were the future of the beverage market.

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