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#1 Wide spray pattern for new closure covers more surface area with less product


A new innovation from St. Louis, Missouri-based designer and distributor of rigid packaging TricorBraun aims to improve user convenience with a closure that transforms how liquids are dispensed. Their new Halo Multi-Stream closure has created a point of difference and a unique selling point via a wide spray pattern that can cover more surface area with less product. This not only helps to save the consumer time but also reduces product waste. The closure can quickly cover large surface areas. The solution is most effective for low viscosity formulas. It has applications for home cleaning products as well as lawn and garden care and automotive products.

#2 Omni-phobic coating allows the printing multiple layers of circuits onto paper

Researchers from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana have developed a paper-based smart and interactive interface that could one day see packaging incorporate a touchpad or keyboard to revolutionise consumer engagement. Purdue’s School of Industrial Engineering team has developed a new way of using paper. The technology is compatible with conventional large-scale printing processes. The research team has developed a printing process that could render any paper or cardboard packaging into a keyboard, keypad or other easy-to-use touch interfaces. It is hoped that the new technology can make food packaging interactive. The self-powered, paper-based electronic device renders the paper repellent to water, oil and dust through the coating of fluorinated molecules. This ‘omni-phobic’ coating allows for the printing of multiple layers of circuits onto paper without ink smearing from one layer to the next. Vertical pressure sensors do not require external battery power. Energy is harvested from contact with the user. The new technology could help verify if food is safe to be eaten or even allow consumers to sign a pack by properly identifying themselves as the pack’s valid recipient. See also Interactive food tray lets diner create music whilst they eat.

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#3 Specialised folding techniques for boxes reduces filling material and excessive volume


Munich, Germany-based Manyfolds offers a solution that reduces the amount of packaging required for the e-commerce market. The business has developed an automatic system making boxes with specialized folding that reduces the amount of packaging required and its subsequent environmental impact. The solution also eliminates filling material and reduces excessive and unnecessary volume. Manyfolds research has indicated that typically up to half of the volume in conventional packaging is unused. Manyfolds’ machine cuts and marks the corrugated board for folding so that items can be placed in the box for shipping. They claim that Manyfolds typically cuts excessive volume by 40%. The size-optimized packaging is created via a free app and cloud platform. Customers simply upload two pictures of the item to be sent and an algorithm comes up with a made-to-measure solution to send out the fit-for-purpose packaging within a few days. The boxes can made up as fast as a standard pack. See also Cut to size corrugated solution reduces packaging overuse.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Each seasonal beer bottle has millions of different and unique festive patterns

For this year’s festive season, Heineken USA has created a new range of unlimited bottle designs. Each one has a unique number assigned in conjunction with a one-of-a-kind design. High-speed digital print uses the HP Indigo Mosaic algorithm to generate the exciting prospect of millions of different, festive-influenced pattern designs to ensure that no two bottles are alike. The different patterns incorporate the familiar Heineken colour palette and have been created for personal consumption or for the gifting market. Festive point-of-sale will help to drive consumers to enter the sweepstakes by redeeming the unique number on their bottle label by text or QR code.  As part of the activity, Heineken will also offer consumers the opportunity to win $1 million in a combined off- and on-premise promotion called ‘You’re one in a billion, now win a million’. See also Danone supports flavoured water brand with 100,000 unique designs

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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