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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.

ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week. We have selected four brand new initiatives that we hope will be on interest to you below.

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#1 Vacuum-sealed jars now 40% easier to open with push of a button

Despite the recent focus on sustainable packaging innovations, pack accessibility continues to be a pressing concern as well as an opportunity. It is reported that about a third of consumers can’t open a glass jar easily and with an ageing population coupled with an increasingly competitive market place there is a chance to make a difference . Dayton, Ohio based beverage and food service packaging providers Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) think they might be on to something with a new way to open glass jars. It is claimed to be the first significant innovation for the metal jar lid industry in 75 years although the Innovation Zone has reported on Two part metal closure reduces opening torque in the past. CCT has introduced the patented EEASY Lid. The new technology is said to make opening vacuum-sealed jars up to 40% easier and works via the push of a button. The pressing of a button on the lid opens a tiny slit that breaks the seal and release the vacuumed air. To keep the contents fresh after use, the lid is reclosed by pressing the button from the inside of the lid. The lids provide a stable hermetic seal. Pennsylvania-based Boyer’s markets will use the lids for its Darci’s brand pasta sauce.


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#2 Hand-wrapped gift set box sleeve made from crushed grapes

UK skincare brand By Sarah London has recently launched a gift set range of natural beauty products for Christmas with a hand-wrapped box that is resplendent in a sleeve made using crushed grapes. The grape residue is sourced from industrial wine and juice processing in northern Europe. This is a UK exclusive innovation for the skin care brand.and the first use of grape juice for packaging reported in the Innovation Zone.  The sleeve’s environmental credentials are further enhanced though the manufacture using hydroelectricity. The box inside the sleeve is made from almost 80% recycled content and are sourced from FSC-certified forests. The box can also be reused for sustainable further gift-giving.

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#3 Improved aluminium can temperature-reactive technology launched

The world’s largest can manufacturer Ball Corporation has announced the introduction of a redesign of its special effects range with new two stage temperature-reactive technology. The special effects have been designed as a tool to help brands capture the attention of consumers with a 360-degree branding space. Recyclable opportunities are not compromised with the new embellishments. Ball’s latest Thermochromic Reveal technology is in the pre-launch trial phase but signs are promising for a roll out for beverage brand owners in due course, The new technology reacts to ambient temperature changes with a two-stage Thermochromic effect, allowing multiple engagement opportunities across the consumer journey at the point of sale, when the can is refrigerated as well as at the time of consumption. At the first stage, the special cans can alert consumers when their beverage is at the optimum drinking temperatures. At the second stage during consumption, the design can reveal hidden images and messages as the temperature changes. See also Blank design beverage can transforms when cold.


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#4 Refill station starts Czech Republic roll out

Brand owner Henkel and drug store chain Rossmann have joined forces to launch a refill station format with branded products. Consumers can buy their favourite brands in refill bottles in selected Rossmann Czech Republic stores and then go back and use the packaging to refill it again. A range of Henkel brand products such as Persil Gel detergent, Silan Sensitive fabric softener and Fa Hand Liquid Soap will be available to refill.  Upon arrival at a participating store, the shopper chooses an empty bottle of any product and scans its code at the filling station.This generates a label with expiration date details. All container sizes are sold on first purchase for a price of 19.90 CZK (£0.67). See also Detergent refill station aims to reduce single-use plastic waste.

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