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CEO Neil Cashman discusses Snapsil’s range of easy to use packaging innovations for the pharmaceutical and medical markets. You can watch here. 

#1 Easy to self-administer pack keeps liquids and powders separate until usage

Traditional methods of combining and preparing medicines offer a spectrum of difficulties and limitations. The current designs typically require multiple packaging components and complex multi-step mixing processes that can be complicated. It is also open to users making mistakes in terms of the exact dispensing required or even creating a wasteful mess. Australian leader in easy to use packaging technology Snapsil has taken steps to improve the situation with the development of a solution to improve the controlled self-administration of liquids, powders and solids. The EasyMix packaging concept has an enabling technology for therapies requiring easy and efficient mixing of products at the time of use. It can deliver benefits such as being easier for self-medication, increasing clinician efficiencies as well as the reduction in the use of vials, syringes and needles. Snapsil’s EasyMix enables fast and easy mixing and dispensing. the contents are kept separated until usage. It delivers easy opening with controlled dispensing. Snapsil’s easy to use packaging technology is versatile and can be customized to meet both specific product packaging requirements and functional needs.

#2 Easy opening pack allows for controlled dispense and accurate dosing

Forest Glenn, Queensland-based Snapsil Corporation is an Australian leader in easy to use packaging technology. They have developed a distinctive and innovative new way to open medical devices with ease. Their patented technology for the Centre Snap Powder pack is most suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications for easy opening, controlled dispense and accurate dosing. Suitable for powdered products, the pack design makes it easy for consumers to check for any residual powder that might be left to help reduce product wastage and ensure all is used.  It offers a one-stop continuous dispense and delivers excellent and efficient evacuation of product. The pack is small and easy to carry making it perfect for on-the-go usage. The easy to open pack is available in a range of customizable shapes and sizes.

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#3 Easy to open medical device solution helps protect contents


An innovative new way to open medical devices with ease has been created by Snapsil Corporation. The Australia-based business leads in the development of innovative, easy to use packaging technology and has developed a series of patented applications for easier to use pharmaceutical and medical packaging. This time sees the development of an enhanced tamper evidence solution that also delivers robust protection of packaging. The packaging has been designed to ensure easy access of the contents. The pack is available in a range of customizable shapes and designs and the thermoformed packaging is seen as a cost-efficient solution. Reclosable options can also be adopted if required. Snapsil’s patented and customizable technology delivers innovative packaging experiences that can help differentiate brands.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

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CEO Neil Cashman discusses Snapsil’s range of easy to use packaging innovations for the pharmaceutical and medical markets. You can watch here. 



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