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Last week, Following the recent high profile new launches from Frugalpac and Diageo, are paper bottles the future of beverage packaging? 26% said Yes. Voting and commenting still open.

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#1 Sustainably sourced pulp bottle shakes up spirits market

Following the news of Frugalpac’s introduction of a 94% recycled paper-based wine bottle, see Paper-based wine pack is five times lighter than the average glass bottle,  Diageo has also joined the party as part of the Pulpex Consortium.  The multinational drinks company has announced the introduction of a potentially groundbreaking Johnny Walker sustainably sourced pulp bottle that complies with international food and drink safety standards. The contents are reported protected by a resin rather than a plastic one. The resin delivers the necessary barrier to hold the liquid and it is claimed it will disintegrate post-use. The bottle is fully recyclable and made from sustainably sourced pulp. It is declared to be the world’s first paper-based and plastic-free spirits bottle. The cap will be made of aluminium, which is recyclable. See also Carlsberg’s World’s first paper beer bottle a step closer to reality.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Innovative closure system reduces coffee spillages

Reusable cups have become an essential item for many on-the-go beverage drinkers. There has been a multitude of new examples come to our attention In the Innovation Zone. The solutions often offer a distinctive point of differentiation to help make them stand out in the market as well as enjoy a potential valued-added price premium. Coffee aficionados claim that the aroma of the drink is as important as the taste. Reusable coffee cups with lids (and therefore a small opening) can compromise this sensorial experience. The potential for hot coffee to spurt through the small hole is also an everyday reality with cup lids. The IRISgo initiative from Switzerland hopes to solve these challenges. The solution uses a clever innovative closure system to ensure that the aroma of the coffee flows freely with every gulp.  The IRISgo coffee cup secures its contents using a spiralling silicone membrane across the top of the cup.  The impactful lid alternative is opened by twisting the base to create effectively a lid-free drinking experience. It is completely leakproof when closed making it great for on-the-go transportation. The cup is made from a combination of stainless steel and food-safe PP. The cup is offered in 200 ml (7 oz) or 350 ml (12 oz) sizes.

#3 Home compostable cling film is a global first

Each year, it is estimated that New Zealand uses 119,000 kilometres of clingfilm. Multiply that by 200+ other markets and you have significant usage of a single-use plastic material. Cling wrap is traditionally made of a variety of plastics and is therefore not recyclable. Auckland-based Compostic (the name is a clue) has created a world-first cling wrap that can be composted at home.  It has launched its home compostable cling film in their native market and around 130 New Zealand retailers stock the wrap so far.  The company wanted to solve the problem for people who were not willing to try clingfilm alternatives such as those made from beeswax. See Recyclable and reusable food-grade film alternative keeps bread, cheese and fruit freshThe company’s compostable wrap and resealable bags were made of a blend of three biopolymers. The clingfilm is TUV Austria certified and will break down within 12 weeks in industrial composting and 24 weeks in home compost conditions. The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed Compostic’s rollout to the Australia and US markets, which will now take place by the end of the year. See also Compostable cling film designed for fresh produce usage.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Active packaging system launch created to maintain seafood freshness

The seafood industry is continually looking to develop solutions to improve the freshness and shelf life of their shipped products. See for example: Perforations optimise self-absorbing tray performanceAptar Food + Beverage, part of AptarGroup, has joined the development with the announcement of the launch of a new active packaging system designed for the seafood industry. Their proprietary SeaWell active packaging solution is reported to be a first-of-its-kind and is being utilized for a variety of seafood products at a leading US retailer with a roll out in more than 3,800 outlets. SeaWell incorporates technology that absorbs excess liquids that collect around the seafood that would subsequently negatively impact shelf life. The SeaWell system utilizes direct food-contact-safe absorbent materials that trap excess fluids inside integrated and hidden pockets to reduce the rate of microbial growth and chemical degradation. The system also enhances visual appeal and absorbs product odours. The SeaWell active packaging system provided a 99.9% reduction in aerobic bacteria for scallops. The technology also enables seafood processors to pack frozen for distribution and subsequently thaw for fresh sale.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

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