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#1 Sustainability store trial offers products from refill stations


UK retailer Asda has committed to removing three billion pieces of single-use plastic from their own-brand products by 2025. A striking way of helping to accomplish this is through a new initiative that sees a new ‘sustainability store’ concept in a Middleton, Leeds store. The development sees a range of refill stations, reverse vending machines as well as plastic-free groceries available to facilitate packaging-free or reduced packaging offerings.  Asda will gauge consumer attitudes as well as considerations of the logistical implications to this new method of selling products. For a minimum of three months, customers will be able to choose from more than 30 product lines from refill stations. The products available are household brands such as Kellogg’s range of cereals, PG Tips, Quaker Oats and Vimto squashes. Unilever liquid cleaning and beauty products will be available for refill. Items stocked include Persil laundry detergent, Simple hand wash and Radox shower gel. Asda has also made some of its own-brand products such as pasta and rice available for refill. The store also has recycling bins for items not normally collected at kerbside including crisp packets and toothpaste tubes and a reverse vending machine for cans, plastic drinks bottles and glass drinks bottles. Learnings from the trial will determine which initiatives will be rolled out and what changes might need to be made. Asda is trialling packaging-free fruit and vegetables and has also removed the outer plastic wrapping on its best selling soups and beans multipacks. It has already been confirmed that the range will be expanded to more than 40 lines over the next three years.

#2 Sanitizer squeeze bottles designed to encourage children usage

Edison, New Jersey-based C+A Global is an authorized licensee of the iconic art supplies brand Crayola. The market for hand sanitisers has skyrocketed this year with many businesses looking to introduce new solutions based on strong branding or added packaging functionality, particularly around on-the-go use. C+A Global has seized the opportunity with the introduction of a range of distinctive and fun Crayola hand sanitizers targeting children. The product is supplied in HDPE squeeze and pump bottles and is equally suitable for both school and home use. The products are packed in colourful 2-ounce (57 ml) squeeze bottles that mimic the iconic Crayola crayon and brand design. The hand sanitizers are available in four-bottle colours and are decorated with labels printed by Burlington, North Carolina-based Labels, Tags & Inserts. The product line will also expand with the introduction of 100 pack single-use gel packets in a dispensing carton. The carton is supplied by Tri State Packaging and designed to look like a large Crayon box. The Crayola licensed hand sanitizers are available from Amazon and The 4-pack retails for $14.99 and the 8-pack for $25.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Reusable scheme moves in-store


The Loop reusable scheme from TerraCycle has been making steady progress with recent introductions in markets in several countries around the world. See for example: Online refillable container scheme commences UK launchThe scheme continues to grow and has now moved to an in-store presence to increase its reach and appeal to more consumers. A selection of products will now be available in participating stores in some French Carrefour outlets. Rather than order online and receive goods at home, consumers do their shopping in-store. They simply visit the Loop section to take advantage of a selection of products available in returnable containers. There is a returnable bag that allows shoppers to return several containers at once. Shoppers can bring their empty containers back to your store’s collection area. Stick it on their Loop container and scan it with the Loop application before placing it in the collection area of ​​your store. They will receive a deposit refund via the Loop app within seven days.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Chicken stock breaks category rules in recyclable can format

A chicken stock brand is breaking category rules with the introduction of a recyclable can. The 500ml product costs £2.50 and weighs 350g. Once the can is opened, it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within three days. The Potts brand is, of course, now transporting water throughout the supply chain compared to the mix-at-home stock offerings, which are much lighter. The ready-made stocks in an aluminium ‘beer’ can was initially launched exclusively in UK supermarket Tesco. The Wiltshire brand estimates it could save up to 1.1 million tonnes of plastic a year by switching to the 100% recyclable new format for its Beef, Chicken and Vegetable variants of ambient liquid stock. It replaces a plastic pouch that will still be available in other retail outlets. The 500ml can is being touted as “completely unique” and is a great example of taking from other categories to deliver packaging innovation. The can is recyclable infinitely in a closed-loop recycling process. Its similarity to a beer can is strengthened by the sound it makes when the seal is broken due to the presence of nitrogen to prevent a soft can. The canned product has the same recommended price and 18-month shelf life as its ones in plastic. They will be exclusive for six months in Tesco, which encouraged the brand to create is sustainable pack.  Potts’ hopes to roll the format out to other products in its portfolio including gravies, table sauces, dressings and condiments removing almost 4.5 million tonnes of plastic a year from the waste stream.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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