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#1 Supermarket moves to aluminium cans for smaller wine bottles

British supermarket chain Waitrose has announced that it is moving most of its small wine bottles from glass to aluminium cans. The new cans will include a wide range of grape choices including whites, reds and rosés, and will be available in 187ml, 200ml and 250ml sizes. Due to appellation restrictions the move will not include varieties such as champagne, prosecco, cava and rioja. It is expected that the move to aluminium will save more than 300 tonnes of glass packaging, and will halve the carbon footprint per drink, because the recyclable cans require less energy to transport as they are lighter and take up less space than bottles. The supermarket plans to have moved to aluminium by the end of January 2022. It has been reported that drinks producers have been seeking alternative packaging because the price of glass has almost tripled since the pandemic.


#2 New technology for corrugated packaging drives customer engagement

Tennessee-based International Paper has introduced OHMEGA Conductive Ink + Touchcode, a revolutionary technology that enhances brand protection in the packaging industry. This innovative solution features a physical card integrated into the corrugated packaging, containing a code that unlocks a unique experience designed by the brand. Powered by electricity from the human body, the eco-friendly ink conducts and unlocks a special interaction on customers’ touchscreen devices. The benefits of OHMEGA Conductive Ink + Touchcode include quick and easy activation through the customer’s phone browser without the need for a camera or separate app and a secure platform that minimizes the risk of spoofing, phishing, or counterfeiting. With OHMEGA Conductive Ink + Touchcode, brands can offer their customers exclusive content and loyalty programmes tailored to their target audiences, as well as access to an online dashboard to track, measure, and monitor customer engagement. This technology provides a new dimension to brand protection in the packaging industry, which International Paper state they are proud to offer to their customers.

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#3 Paper wrappers for chocolate bars trialled in Australian first

Nestlé Australia is trialling its best-selling KitKat bars in paper-based packaging. The trial is being conducted in conjunction with Coles Supermarkets across Western Australia. The pilot will consist of 250,000 paper-based wrappers from January 2023 while stocks last. Each bar will feature a QR code which consumers in WA, SA and NT can scan to have their say by answering a series of questions about the new paper packaging. The paper wrappers can be recycled through kerbside recycling bins. The trial wrapper has a thin metal barrier film to keep the KitKat fresh, and has a recyclable ARL (Australasian Recycling Label). The ARL is an evidence-based system for Australia and New Zealand, that provides consumers with easy to understand recycling information. Nestlé has a goal of reducing its use of virgin plastics by a third by 2025, which includes using less plastic, recycled plastic, and alternatives to plastic packaging.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 New eco-friendly salmon board launched

Telford-based Sirane has announced the launch of a new, more environmentally-friendly salmon board. Millions of traditional salmon boards are used on a weekly basis but contain a metallised polyester layer, which cannot be separated from the board. This means the board can be neither recycled nor composted. However, Sirane’s Earthboard Eco boards are recyclable kerbside, are plastic-free, and use only water-based coatings. Also, Sirane says that besides being easily recycled, they are comparable cost-wise with the plastic-coated boards commonly used. The company also says that it has developed a range of pearlescent water-based coatings which allow them to supply the boards in the familiar colours of gold, silver and black. It’s also possible to supply boards in any Pantone colour, subject to minimum orders. The same boards can also be used for vacuum-packed meats and charcuterie.

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