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#1 Strawberry punnet undertakes functional overhaul

A collaboration between Dutch fruit grower Gijs van Herk and packaging business Fonkels has seen a switch out of plastic containers conventionally used for cherries and strawberries packaging. The Innovation Zone has tracked a lot of initiatives in this area but this solution offers some additional functional advantages as well as sustainable ones. The patented strawberry punnet has been developed and made entirely from 100% recyclable cardboard. The containers represent a saving of 14g of plastic per pack. The 250g and 500g punnets have specially rounded top edges to prevent strawberry damage during harvesting. The containers also have rounded corners to make them quicker to pack into crates during picking, which also adds to the punnet’s sturdiness. and utilizing material usage. A specially designed flexi-base protects the fruit through a special technique that transforms the cardboard into an absorbent base. This prevents the fruit from damage and the juices from being absorbed. After use, the punnets can be recycled as paper.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2Spine Pouch delivers cost effective alternative to rigid containers

Brampton, Ontario based Peel Plastics has announced the introduction of a new pouch format that promises an economical and viable alternative to rigid containers.  The Spine Pouch initiative is suitable for liquid and powdered products and offers an option without reducing consumer convenience or product integrity. The Spine Pouch solution also reduces the number of packaging materials used.  It delivers cost advantages through transportation reductions of both empty and filled pouches compared to the use of rigid containers. This also translates into a reduction in warehouse space costs required to store any empty packs. The Spine Pouch also avoids tooling costs associated with producing moulds for plastics or glass containers. There are several spout options available that allow the matching of the product with the desired dispensing rate.

#3 Plastic-free pack format takes inspiration from the past

AgriFarm was founded in 2014 and was created as a sustainable model for local agricultural Greek production. The business involves farmers working together to grow crops in small Greek villages.  Everything is cultivated by farmers in the areas of Central Greece, Thessaly and Western Macedonia. The initiative has seen the development of a distinctive new pack that introduces an alternative, more environmental solution that very much draws inspiration from the past. The packaging is similar and look and feel to the ones traditionally used in the Greek market to store pasta and legumes. AgriFarm’s packaging consists of a 100% cotton bag material that is free of plastic. The traditional looking packaging is a departure from a sector that has grown to have a predominance of plastic. The products are available in outlets in the UK, France, the USA and Canada as well as selected supermarket chains and delicatessens in Greece.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Plastic-free waterproof vegetable and fruit trays introduced

Nature’s Pride supplies 230 types of fruit and vegetables from 59 countries across Europe. The supplier has worked with Wormer, Netherlands-based Remmert Dekker Packaging to deliver a plastic-free cardboard strawberry punnet. Moisture resistance that is conventionally achieved via plastic lamination has been delivered via a water-based lacquer. The waterproof paper-based vegetable and fruit trays are seen as a positive step in the move towards more sustainable packaging. Nature’s Pride is the first to use it for the Netherlands market. Previously, two-sided printed cardboard with a plastic laminate was used to achieve a functional moisture barrier and this composite packaging material had to be separated for recycling. The new water-repellent lacquer solution sees an easy to recycle way through conventional kerbside collection. The lacquer has been extensively tested and meets food safety requirements. The new lacquer is suitable for strawberries as well as other soft fruits and vegetables that require moisture-resistant packaging.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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