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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week for our Innovation Zone database. We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

More information on our Innovation Zone packaging database –



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#1 Special edition ketchup label incorporates plantable tomato seeds


Kraft Heinz has announced the introduction of a special edition ketchup bottle designed to promote the core tomato product ingredient. The new bottle for the Brazilian market incorporates a plantable label that consumers can then grow their own tomatoes. The goal of the “First Tomato” activity is to highlight the ketchup’s main ingredient. The brand originated the activity following consumer insight that many still don’t believe that Heinz Ketchup is essentially made from tomatoes. The campaign has been developed by the São Paulo headquartered Africa Agency. The brand wanted to show that the quality of its product comes from the naturalness of the ingredients hence encouraging consumers to plant their Heinz tomatoes at home.  Consumers who buy 55 reais (£7.50) or more in Heinz products at Pão de Açúcar’s e-commerce channel can win the Heinz Ketchup complete with the plantable label.

#2 Wood fibre-based material looks like plastic or glass

Premium paperboard company Holmen Iggesund has announced the introduction of a new wood material that can be used as a replacement for glass or plastic.  The aim of the Conic prototype is to help brands achieve their sustainability goals whilst also supporting shelf and in-the-hand pack impact. The new wood fibre-based and malleable material looks like plastic or glass and uses an emerging technology developed by Holmen Iggesund, which makes it possible to replace plastic with natural materials in malleable products. The solution is seen as having the most likely initial applications for the cosmetics industry, which has many products in plastic formats that can now be made of these durable wood fibre materials. The first prototype conceived is a conically shaped filling cup and a transparent container, which can be used for creams or liquid soaps. The product is packed in an outer box incorporating Holmen Iggesund’s multi-layered Solid Bleached Board Invercote carton. The pre-launch prototype requires further development work including the conception of an industrial demonstration plant.

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#3 Prototype rPET water bottle developed that uses no and low-value plastics

Danone-owned leading water brand Evian has announced the culmination of a four-year collaboration with Canada-based recycling technology developers Loop Industries. The fruits of the development partnership is a ground-breaking prototype rPET bottle that utilises no and low-value plastics. These materials might otherwise go to waste. The technology can utilise PET plastic waste from a range of sources including plastic collected from the ocean as well as coloured and opaque plastics. The process involves breaking down plastic waste into monomers, which are purified and then repolymerised into virgin quality Loop PET plastic. The aim of the rPET prototypes is to enable more plastics to be kept in use and lessen the reliance on fossil fuel sourced plastics. Evian has vowed to switch to 100% recycled plastics for all of its plastic bottles by 2025. The new Loop plastic recycling technology will be rolled out across all markets.


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#4 Smaller gravy drums save 40 tonnes of paper per year

Premier Foods, the owners of the UK’s favourite gravy brand, Bisto, has announced that it has made the drums that their gravy granules are sold in smaller in height by 8mm. The move to the shallower tub is reported to save 40 tonnes of paper per annum. Bisto is manufactured at Premier’s plant in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, which required significant changes to the production lines. This included new sensors to be able to detect the shorter tubs, and alterations to sealing and capping equipment. The new pack will contain an extra 20g of product, the equivalent of six servings, but the price per serving will remain the same. The move will be across the range of flavours, which includes Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Onion and Vegetable. The Worksop site produces 50 million tubs of granules annually. They are also currently investigating alternative materials for their recyclable plastic lid.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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