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We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

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#1 Single-serve frozen dessert packs respond to heightened food safety consumers

The Covid-19 global pandemic is inevitably having an impact on packaging innovation development. Time will tell whether shopper and consumer behaviour has permanently changed but there is certainly evidence that heightened concerns for health and food safety and presently a concern for many. This has led to new launches that have been fast-tracked to meet this new consumer sentiment. See Tamper-proof pizza box reassures pizza home delivery customersAnother new example is My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream which has launched single-serve packs in the US market. The frozen dessert brand’s packaging format features a single mochi ice cream ball in a fully-enclosed pack. The brand claims that the single-use format will help reduce food waste and spoilage by preserving quality and increasing product shelf life compared with unpackaged mochi ice cream. The pack will improve hygienic standards by eliminating open exposure.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Paper-based alternative for pharmaceutical blister packs gets financial injection

An Australian start-up has developed a paper-based alternative to replace plastic for items like single-use coffee pods and pharmaceutical blister packs. The paper is derived made from plant waste. Varden have introduced the new solution called Paperseal and have received funding from Horizon Ventures to accelerate expansion. A bespoke machine has been designed that gets around the challenges of forming 3D shapes using paper. The process forms paper fibres into shapes without creating holes that let product flavour out and air in. The machine is able to mould the fibres to create an effective water and oxygen barrier. The Paperseal solution promises to ultimately lower production costs and decrease the carbon footprint at no sacrifice to product performance. Varden is in talks with two coffee brands along with several large multinational pharmaceutical companies. A production facility is planned for Europe within 18 months and the U.S. within two years.

#3 Single-dose cheese sachets launched in compostable packaging

Italian cheese brand Dalter has announced the introduction of compostable sachets in a compostable and biodegradable material. The solution is suitable for preserving the properties of the product and to deliver an adequate shelf-life. It is claimed that Dalter’s introduction of the new single-dose bio-based material sachets is the first for mature hard cheeses. The material has been designed to keep the freshness and aroma of the cheese intact. The pack is made from the processing residues of agricultural products. The product can be industrially composted where available. See also New low-gauge biodegradable films developed.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Refillable household product range confirm new UK distribution points

As part of a wider trend, UK retailer Co-op (Heart of England) is fitting refillable packaging units in 35 of their stores via a new distribution agreement with social enterprise LocoSoco, which delivers a wide range of refillable household products. LocoSoco as a business was launched to help local communities to realise their economic and sustainable potential. The LocoSoco eco-refill stations have been in situ for a short period so far and have already created strong interest translating into impressive sales. One 120ml refill bottle costs £2.50 and is filled by the individual shopper. Subsequent refills are under half that price with an RRP of £1.20 including VAT. Refillable stations are a significant growth area with many retailers trialling their own new systems or in collaboration with brands. See also Detergent refill station trial leads to expansion.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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