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#1 Shrink wrap phase out saves plastic and CO2

Coca-Cola has announced another plastic-reduction initiative as part of their comprehensive sustainability programme. Its European bottling partners will remove shrink wrap from its can multipacks to be replaced with a recyclable paperboard packaging solution from Graphic Packaging International (GPI). The €15m investment will end the use of shrink-wrapped plastics across all can multipacks sold in the UK. GPI’s KeelClip is a minimal material paper fastener that replaces plastic rings, tops and shrink wrap. See also 850 tonnes of plastic go in switch to paper-based wrap solution from AB InbevThe roll out will encompass all of Coca-Cola’s EU markets. It is claimed that the initiative will save around 2,000 tonnes of plastic as well as 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per asnnum.  Larger multipacks will have their shrink wrap replaced by a carton pack as announced recently. See Plastic shrink-wrap replaced with cardboard for consumer multipacksMore than 30 million packs in total each year will no longer be wrapped in plastic.


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#2 Alphanumeric printed code created as alternative to QR

A new tool has been launched as an alternative to the ubiquitous QR code. The solution from subsidiary of Mobile, Alabama headquartered Xante Corporation, InfoMark aims to connect printed packaging with the digital world. The solution delivers a simple digital link that allows users to access a wealth of audio, video, PDF and other digital format content from not just smartphones but desktops and tablets as well. This is achieved through a four-digit printed code. InfoMark aims to replaces the QR Code format that has never really fully met its potential. It is felt that the QR code format is not particularly visually appealing and can also only deliver one link through a camera based smartphone. There are over nine million four-digit alphanumeric InfoMark combinations available.

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#3 New tray delays avocado ripening process

Eden Prairie, Minnesota headquartered Robinson Fresh has introduced a new tray that has been designed to slow down avocado ripening. The ethylene absorbing tray promises to extend the shelf life of the fruit by more than 21% compared to how the product is conventionally packed. The tray is lined with a film that absorbs ethylene to delay the ripening process. Robinson Fresh will trial the new packaging with a view to a wider roll out in due course on their Happy Chameleon avocados. The use of ethylene-filtering technology is also seen here New carton doubles avocado shelf life.


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#4 Crystal lined boxes add some bling to takeaway market

The packaging for Burger King’s Chicken Fries might catch the eye of magpies as well as consumers with the introduction of limited edition boxes studded with crystals. Yes you read that right. Recycling rates are sure to drop with this new initiative originally available in Chmielna 20 Lab in Warsaw, Poland but sold out within three hours. The use of Swarovski crystals for packaging has been reported before. See Customised champagne bottles created using Swarovski crystalsThe campaign was also promoted via a photo session where the special BK Chicken Fries box sat side by side with equally desirable items from the world of fashion.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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