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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.
ThePackHub collates more than 1,000 new packaging innovations a year for our Innovation Zone platform. We now have 5,526 searchable initiatives listed. We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

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Let’s hear your views!

Moving to paper-based beverage collations.

A shift to various paper-based solutions for both the soft drinks and beer markets is happening. With the number of initiatives we’re tacking in our Innovation Zone platform, it looks like the whole market is pretty much migrating in this direction. With multi-million investments involved, the new packs are here to stay.

It’s likely that most consumers will see this as a good move.

What do you think?

Getting rid of unrecyclable plastic is a no-brainer right?
How do the new packs compare from a functional point of view? Better? Worse?
Should there be more focus on and communication of carbon footprint and LCA data?

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#1 Scratch-and-sniff functionality gives beer brand point-of-difference

Graphic Packaging International (GPI) are a leading international business in the design and manufacturing of packaging for commercial products and a regular in the pages of the Innovation Zone. The business has announced the introduction of a paperboard 12 pack for the Milton, Delaware-based Dogfish Head ale and lager brand. The new pack encourages consumers to scratch and sniff the packaging, to release samples of the scents of the products inside. The engaging scratch-and-sniff functionality gives consumers an interactive pack with an engaging point-of-difference. The paperboard pack is fully recyclable and is durable, meaning it can easily withstand travel and commercial distribution while keeping the products preserved and protected. The pack includes three each of Slightly Malty Lo-Cal IPA, 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, and Blue Hen Pilsner to make up the 12 pack.


#2 Toothpaste pack has afterlife to make brushing more fun for kids

Packaging that turns heads at the point of sale as well as delivering a secondary use can be a great combination to create a competitive advantage. Tandy, the Brazilian kids toothpaste brand owned by US company Colgate-Palmolive, is attempting just that. The brand has launched new cardboard packaging in the shape of a pyramid, that can be turned into a kaliedoscope toy. The aim is to capture the interest of children and encourage them to brush their teeth using the product. It is not clear as to the recyclability of the two main components of the pack but it is likely that the cardboard element is recyclable once the toy has come to the end of its use.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Paper-based bottle set for vodka launch

Scottish brewers BrewDog might be famous for their beer products but has announced the launch of a new vodka product made entirely from waste beer in 2022. The vodka, called Bad Beer Vodka is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and will also be packaged in a paper-based bottle, which has a biodegradable coating on the inside, making it entirely recyclable or compostable. The company is still at the final stage of testing and concede that the shelf life of the paper-based bottle may be reduced compared to a glass equivalent but will still be long enough to make it very viable. The vodka will be made using beer that has been produced either out of specification or out of date. The waste beer will be fed through its cutting edge 20-metre high rectification column at extremely high temperatures to create pure vodka. BrewDog are already carbon negative due to its move away from fossil fuels, and removes twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as it emits through its operations, due to renewable energy usage, electrification of its fleet, and utilisation of its waste as bioproducts for production.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 One-handed dishwashing liquid dispensing allows for greater ease of use

Procter & Gamble (P&G) US has relaunched its best selling Dawn dishwashing liquid in a new distinctive pack design. The new Dawn EZ-Squeeze inverted bottle has no-flip cap, has a self-sealing valve giving a mess-free experience, and one-handed dispensing allowing greater ease of use for customers with disabilities or limited dexterity. The inverted bottle also means no more shaking, flipping, or banging to get out the last drop. The development of the new bottle apparently took more than five years, hundreds of designs, and thousands of hours of testing, making it one of P&G’s most researched and rigorously tested products in the company’s 50-year history within the dish soap category. Dawn EZ-Squeeze is now available at major retailers across the US in Platinum and Original formulas, and is priced at US $2.84 (£2.08).


Packaging question of the week

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