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#1 Single-serve frozen dessert packs respond to heightened food safety consumers

Many segments have now incorporated the functional practicality of resealable stand-up pouches across sectors such as nuts, dried fruit, muesli, confectionery and snacks. Resealing makes it easier to consume on the go as well as serving to keep the contents fresh. Midor owned confectioner Swiss Delice has introduced a twist on the format for their Thins brand by incorporating an unusual resealable front closure. The Swiss Delice Thins brand has now solved the problem of stickers used for resealing that can lose their adhesive force with a new type of resealable closure on the front.  When the front flap is opened, the contents are more visible than with a conventional closure strip. Four varieties of the brand are now available in the new pack format in the German market.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Medications packed together at different temperature now possible

The use of packaging to deliver temperature control has been an area of development for many years with several new initiatives coming to the attention of the Innovation Zone. Leading provider of thermal packaging solutions for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sector, Packaging Technology Group has launched a solution that takes the capability to another level with a dual temperature capability. The requirement to thermally protect medications and preserve the efficacy of drugs whilst in transit continues to be a priority for biopharmaceutical producers. The new shipper from the Fall River, Massachusetts business is made using sustainable paper-based materials and is an addition to their TRUEtemp Naturals Cellulose range of recyclable and repulpable products. This solution allows medications and therapies with different temperature requirements to travel together in the same container. The option to ship medications with two different temperature profiles together provides a new way to help save on shipping assembly and logistics costs. The dual temp shipper is especially useful for immunotherapies products where a frozen medication can travel alongside another that needs refrigeration.

#3 Prefabricated cardboard sleeve reduces packaging for clothing range

The drive to reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging continues across just all about all product categories. There is a desire that any packaging reductions do not lead to performance compromises to ensure that the products remain protected during transportation. Packaging is also used to help navigate shoppers to find important information and the products have to look presentable both in the store and on the supermarket shelf. German chain of coffee retailer Tchibo is known for its range of non-coffee products that change weekly that often includes clothing. Their in-house packaging team have succeeded in delivering a prefabricated reduced material cardboard sleeve that is folded around the clothing. A cardboard insert in the form of a bow serves to deliver stabilization. The suspension that holds the sleeve together is made from recycled plastic and there are plans for this to be replaced by a waste paper solution in due course. The almost plastic-free packaging is a unique concept that has already been patent registered. The savings in reduction in plastic use are significant with 30 million plastic packs per year.


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#4 Dumbbell-shaped bottle has practical use

Distinctive pack shapes are used by innovators to create a point of difference and on occasion can also deliver some functional benefits. The use of disruptive pack shapes can be a key tool to help create stand out and get noticed on shelf. This is further enhanced when the shape helps to magnify the product proposition. A dumbbell-shaped bottle for isotonic sports drinks by the Kosovo-based Bibita Group does just that. The 710 ml Dum Dum brand bottle has a practical use though the dumbbell-shape. The unusual bottle design not only promises to attract consumer attention but also unmistakably points to the core athlete target group. The practical use fits well into the hands of the consumers for potential light dumbbell training. Just don’t drink the contents first! See also Water brand gets noticed with dumbbell-shaped bottle. 

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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