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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.

ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week. We have selected four brand new initiatives that we hope will be on interest to you below.

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#1 Refill pouches reduce plastic use and can also be recycled through take-back scheme

Healthcare and consumer goods brand owner PZ Cussons has announced the launch of hand wash refills to help reduce plastic use to meet their corporate targets.. The brand owner has an objective to reduce the amount of plastic used in its packaging by 25% by well as to ensure that any plastic it does use is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable. PZ Cussons’ Carex brand,refills consist of a flexible plastic pouch to be used to top up their existing rigid plastic hand wash bottles. The refill pouches use up to 85% less plastic compared to a hand wash bottle complete with a pump. The new hand wash pouches are not currently collected through domestic kerbside recycling collections by most UK local authorities. PZ Cussons have partnered with recycling experts TerraCycle.  The used packaging is sent to TerraCycle, where it will be washed, shredded and melted to form plastic pellets to be made into new products such as garden  furniture and fence posts. See also Online refill pouches include postal recycle scheme.


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#2 UK’s first recyclable packaging for wet wipes launched

Wigan based Nice-Pak International reportedly manufacture over 600 million packs of wet wipes every year and offer the product across four categories – baby, cosmetic, household and personal care. The leading wet wipe manufacturer has announced the launch of the UK’s first recyclable packaging for the sector. The innovation comes at a time where the category has been under increasing pressure to improve its environmental impact with accusations of high levels of waste associated with the product’s usage. The business has developed film and resealable labels which can be recycled together as part of carrier bag facilities that are often in situ in larger supermarkets. The mono materials still have the right moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) properties to achieve film recyclability without any adverse effect on the product. See also Lightweighting initiative reduces plastic use for baby wipes range.
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#3 #3 Sunscreen pack has two dispensing outputs to reduce waste

Johnson & Johnson’s Sundown brand has been introduced in the Brazil market in a new packaging format that aims to reduce waste as well as making usage more practical for consumers. The new version of the ‘Beach & Pool’ sunscreen line helps consumers in the dispensing of the product with a double doser with two separate outputs. The first dispenses the ideal amount of product for the face and the other a more generous portion for use on the body. The intention is that the right amount of sunscreen will be dispensed to avoid wastage as well as ensuring that enough sunscreen is applied in order to be effective. The pack change also reduces the overall amount of plastic used by around 11%. The new pack also features a grip on the side which allows the user to hold it more firmly. No information on the recyclability of the pack is to hand.


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#4 Patented label innovation simulates glass embossing

Blandford, Dorset based Amberley have announced the introduction of a patented new way of creating an ‘embossed glass’ look and feel for bottles. Label Glass is available for both hand and machine application and can be offered in small batch sises. Label Glass simulates glass embossing via a self adhesive label. There is a choice of standard bottle colour options for all the glass colour groups – clear, green, blue or brown. For more exacting requirements, a colour matching service is available. The glass embossing effect can make the bottle look more premium with increased shelf appeal. The label alternative takes the cost and complexity out of bottle embossing. See also Textured, micro-etched patterns add depth to pack labels.

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