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#1 Reduced-plastic body lotion pack rolls up like toothpaste for easy dispensing


German multinational personal-care products giants Beiersdorf has announced an exciting new innovation for their Nivea body lotion that makes dispensing much easier for consumers. The solution rolls up like a tube of toothpaste to make it straightforward for users to evacuate the contents easily as well as reduce the likelihood of residual product being inadvertently being thrown away. The new Nivea Naturally Good Body Lotion design incorporates a bottle and cap that is reported to use 50% less plastic than the solution it replaces. The completely recyclable body lotion packaging design is a breakthrough with the new bottle (or is it a tube?) being very thin and has a specially shaped base to make it easy for consumers to squeeze and roll. The thinner and lighter packaging has supply chain advantages as it helps to optimise palletisation, reducing transportation costs as well as lowering carbon footprint impact. The bottle is made from 90% recycled content. See also Tube-like pouch reduces plastic by half.

#2 Concertina-based sauce bottle dispenses the desired quantity of sauce cleanly and easily

It seems that as long as ketchup has been around, consumers around the world have struggled to efficiently dispense the contents. It started with having to hit the bottom of glass bottles to get to the sauce inside. Now squeezy PET bottles use gravity to make life easier but it is still not perfect for many.  A change might be on the horizon with the development of a newly sauce bottle design that is guaranteed to draw attention at the point of sale. The distinctive-looking bottle has an unusual shape using a concertina to help dispense the product. The design allows the consumer to squeeze out the desired quantity of sauce cleanly and easily and it looks like fun too. The size of the concertina section can be designed to ensure that a pre-determined amount of sauce is deposited when the push mechanism is fully depressed. Sattledt, Austria-based Greiner Packaging has created the bottle via their Despro initiative – Any standard closure with a flap is suitable for use as a bottle cap and fitting a silicone membrane is also an option (which will limit recyclability). The bottle itself can be direct printing or decorated via a label or sleeve. The bottle promises to give consumers excellent control over the amount dispensed as well as making mealtimes more fun and engaging.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Paper diaper pack makes Belgium introduction


Family-owned Belgian hygiene products manufacturer Drylock Technologies has announced the launch of paper-based nappy/diaper packaging.  The business is responding to demand from both retail customers as well as its consumers for more sustainable packaging and recyclable paper-based products tick that box. The Drylock business has a packaging mantra of “Paper where possible, plastic where needed”. The switch from a plastic wrap will be launched across European retailers. The new packaging is reported to be 100% recyclable as well as biodegradable. The new paper packaging has the same quality and functional attributes and is robust to protect the integrity of the Drylock baby care products inside. Drylock along with its packaging partners dedicated a year of R&D into the Diaper Paper Bag switch. It is being touted as the first successful introduction of the paper packaging for baby diapers although we have seen the switch in other sectors such as toilet rolls. See also Heat seal coating development enables replacement of PE for paper.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Circumference reduction makes bottle easier to hold

The consumer experience is at the heart of a pack change for PepsiCo’s 2-litre bottle, the first structural change for the brand in nearly three decades. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist and Dr Pepper brands will transition to the new design in major US pilot cities. The key difference sees a 25% reduction in the bottle circumference moving from 13.4cm to 10.4cm. This adjustment not only gives the bottle a differentiated look on the supermarket shelf, but also makes the bottle easier to hold. PepsiCo understood that the average consumer’s hand measures between 7cm and 8.6cm across so this new bottle shape is better placed to give a more manageable and comfortable pour. A significant amount of testing was undertaken to create the best product experience for consumers as possible. The redesign makes it substantially easier for consumers to grab bottles off the shelf as well as pour at home. PepsiCo worked through a plethora of designs and prototypes to settle on the precise solution for their portfolio.  See also Eye-catching structural design will see appeal spiral.

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