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#1 Recyclable cardboard box stores home delivery dinner kits

New brand proposition Nevera Llena has had a recent growth spurt during the Covid 19 pandemic as consumers’ shopping behaviour inevitably changes. Nevera Llena is Spanish for ‘Full Fridge’ and the business is meeting the needs of busy consumers with home delivery dinner kits that help to save time on weekly food purchases and preparation.  The kit comprises 14 (lunch and dinner for a full week) pre-cooked meals that are delivered to consumers’ homes. The kits are encompassed in a recyclable cardboard box that stores each meal in compact cubbyholes to prevent them from sliding within the pack. Each meal tray is colour-coded. The central cubbyhole has a drawer that opens up to reveal a brochure containing nutritional and product information. All materials are recyclable. Cardboard was chosen to help prevent wetness during transportation in refrigerated trucks. Never Llena is available in the Spanish market and sold online.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Two different types of cheese packed in a convenient, easy to separate format

The Innovation Zone has tracked several pack formats that incorporate two products in one in recent times. This type of dual pack format keeps contrasting flavours separated as well as helping to give consumers an extended choice in one convenient pack. The Dairy Cooperative Mlekpol is one of the largest producers of milk and dairy products in Poland and has introduced two of the country’s most popular types of cheese sliced ​​in a new form of two-pack. Shoppers will find Gouda and Edam cheese variants, each in a separately packed 250g portion. The two different types of cheese are packed in a convenient format that is easy to separate. The design gives shoppers an opportunity to try new flavours with their single pack purchase. A resealable open-close system also ensures that the product stays fresh and keeps the product’s aromas for longer.

#3 Reusable origami bottle reduces empty volume by 90%

The reusable packaging industry has grown significantly over the last two years or so with many new beverage bottle formats coming to market. A reusable beverage bottle has been designed to make handling easier as well as positively impact on the environment. DiFOLD is a new foldable, reusable and recyclable ‘origami’ bottle. It incorporates a collapsible design that is compact when folded and stable and rigid when in use. The technology is claimed to reduce the volume of empty containers by up to 90%. The packs are distributed in their truncated form leading to improved optimization of logistics and consequent savings in fuel and CO2 emissions.  DiFOLD’s patent-pending folding technology ensure that the bottle when folded can fit easily in a pocket or bag. The triangular pattern allows folding in just three steps. It can be recycled multiple times without significant loss of quality. The food-safe and BPA-free bottle has a temperature range from -30°c to +100°c. The bottle has been designed to sustain at least five years of intensive usage. It has been estimated that 30,000 regularly used reusable bottles can save the equivalent use of 82 million PET bottles in five years as well as 1,200 tonnes of plastic. DiFOLD has launched a Kickstarter campaign.  See also Cup expands from flat in two easy steps.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Salad range switches to recyclable paper bags

The salad market relies heavily on the practicality and usefulness of plastic. The convenient and cheap format helps ensures that the product stays in an optimum condition ready for purchase. However, retailers are working hard to reduce or remove the amount of plastic packaging and this is starting to have an impact in this sector. Crudettes is an LSDH (Laiterie de Saint-Denis-del’Hôtel) brand. The LSDH group produces more than 100 million packets of vacuum-packed vegetables each year. Their ready-to-eat salad Crudettes brand is taking on a different look in Carrefour stores and will soon be available in paper rather than plastic bags.  The 100% recyclable paper bags are being developed by Telford UK packaging manufacturer Sirane to deliver new packs that promise the same conservation properties as plastic. The bag is made of cellulose and a natural coating. The collaboration is part of the (Re)Set Packaging programme.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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