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#1 Plastic-reduced toothpaste tube delivered through paper use

Japanese global printing business Toppan has developed a new tube container that incorporates paper to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated. The new solution can be used for food, cosmetics and medicine applications. Toppan has developed a paper-made tube container that reduces the amount of plastic by 50% compared to a conventional laminated tube typically used for applications such as toothpaste. The overall thickness of the new tube is a third of a typical laminated version. The significant change from 0.3 mm to 0.1 mm has been achieved through the use of paper that has reduced the amount of plastic used by 50%. Toppan has also reduced the plastic parts in the tube’s head to deliver another significant reduction of plastic of 65%.  By utilizing the stiffness of the paper, a firm pack shape can be maintained when the content decreases. The means of folding the paper-based pack reduces elasticity apparently making the contents easier to squeeze than conventional laminated tubes. It is also easier to squeeze the contents to the end compared to a regular laminated tube. See also Paper-based cosmetics tube set to shake up market.

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#2 Bag-in-Bag initiative makes recycling easier for consumers

Leading European packaging business Coveris is on the innovation trail again already having several entries in the vaults of the Innovation Zone. The €800 million annual turnover business has announced the introduction of an initiative that improves recycling for a new Bag-in-Bag packaging concept.  The patented solution has been created for the food and pet food sectors and makes recycling easier for consumers by combining the attributes of flexible film and paper with a technology that ensures easy separation of the materials. There is no apparent compromise in terms of product safety and visibility. Coveris’ Bag-in-Bag initiative incorporates an inner layer that has strong barrier properties to protect the contents, alongside an outer layer made of paper, reducing the dependence on plastic. After use, the bag’s two components can reportedly be easily separated via tear tape.

#3 Pet food brand transforms into toy for cats post-use

Global cat food brand Whiskas has created some added value to their packaging as well as giving a ‘stay of execution’ to the recycling process with the launch of boxes that can be transformed into a toy for cats. The Mars Petcare owned brand has created a promotional pack in conjunction with Brazilian online store PetLove. The concept was created by Sao Paulo based marketing and advertising agency AlmapBBDO.  Shoppers just need to buy a 40 units multipack of Whiskas sachets to acquire the new packaging design called the Curiosity Box. The new packaging facilitates reuse and contains assembly instructions with the pack able to turn into a rocket for a fun post-use toy for indoor play for the curious pet. The Whiskas team intends to launch other configurations including aircraft and submarine shapes in due course. The idea of transforming a simple delivery box into something else that can then be recycled when it has reached the end of its useful life is part of a small micro-trend with the Innovation Zone tracking several over the last 12 months or so. See also Secondary packaging for television range encourages reuse.


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#4 Own-brand dishwasher cleaner made from recycled fishing nets

Denmark’s multinational discount grocery chain Rema 1000 aims to make the packaging of all its own-brand products recyclable by 2023. As part of this sustainability drive, the no-thrills retailer has introduced its dishwasher cleaner in packaging made from recycled fishing nets. The retailer has teamed up with the Danish company Plastix for the technology required for the packaging material. Plastix’s mission is to transform used and abandoned fishing nets, ropes and rigid plastic equipment that would previously have ended up in landfill or eventually the ocean. Plastix mechanically recycles them into high-quality raw plastic material. The collaboration with Plastix now leads to the first packaging of its kind. The recycling technology developed by Plastix transforms this difficult to recycle plastic into a dark green packaging material. The shade of green in the new packaging material derived will vary with different productions. This is turned into an opportunity by creating a point of difference for the brand and a potential talking point for consumers that emphasises how the imperfect plastic was derived.

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