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#1 Pioneering shampoo format packed with sustainable benefits

Kao Corporation USA has launched a pioneering new pack format that uses up to 50% less plastic than traditional shampoo and soap bottles. The reduced weight bottles achieve rigidity through an air fill around the perimeter of the pack that enables them to stand upright. A watertight pack ensures that almost every last drop of content can be used. Kao claims that traditional packs leave up to three times more product inside than their new MyKirei solution. The first phase of MyKirei products includes a shampoo, conditioner and hand wash. The pack cannot yet be recycled in conventional kerbside recycling systems so Kao has partnered with recycling experts TerraCycle to launch a programme that allows consumers to recycle the pouch and pumps post-use to be recycled into such items as park benches, bike racks and recycling bins. Kao has plans to expand its MyKirei line in due course.

#2 New take away box can be stacked for easy handling

Arlöv, Sweden-based packaging company FrontPac has developed a new corrugated pack for the takeaway food delivery market, which has extra added-value functionality. The new box has been designed so that several can be stacked on top of each other and can then be conveniently carried using a single handle. The packs allow for the opportunity for many more boxes to be carried in one go improving delivery efficiency and reducing the potential to drop the produce. One of the first companies to test the box is Stockholm-based restaurant chain Eatery. The successful pilot test has led to the preparation of a broader launch across other restaurant chains as well as for use in hospitals. The boxes are reported to be easy and quick to assemble and as straight-forward as folding a pizza box together. It is possible to adapt the box to the needs of specific customers by changing the size and material thickness based on how heavy the dishes are. The box is sustainably produced and fully recyclable.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Label-free recycled water bottle cuts down on packaging waste

The Coca-Cola Company continues to work on stretching goals to reduce its environmental impact through the phased introduction of a host of new sustainable packaging initiatives. Subscriber content: See 20 examples from the Innovation Zone here. The Coca Cola Japan team continues in this vein with the announcement of an initiative that will reduce the need for labels for their I Lohas water brand. The introduction of label-free 100% recycled bottles is an effort to reduce both waste and pollution. The brand has removed labels on their multipack bottles only. Single bottles that are sold individually will still have labelling information to help notify shoppers of vital branding, product information, barcoding and other details.  The new bottle designs will be sold in cases of 24 for 2,880 yen (US$26) at retail outlets. The 555ml I Lohas bottles are also been designed to crush easily for efficient recycling.  See also Label-free beer branding ‘tattooed’ onto bottles.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Tamper-proof pizza box reassures pizza home delivery customers

Toronto headquartered Pizza Pizza has more than 750 locations across Canada. The pioneering and progressive business featured in the Innovation Zone for their Pizza box transforms into miniature tabletop game post-use. The pizza restaurant chain has this time created an added functionality pack that acknowledges current increased concerns for hygiene and contamination. Pizza Pizza’s new tamper-proof pizza box comes at a time when food safety is seen as more important than ever and features a safety locking mechanism, which needs to be broken by the end customer in order to access the pizza inside. The proprietary solution provides customers with an extra level of assurance that their pizza has remained untouched, from the time it leaves the pizza oven, to the time it arrives at their front door for delivery. Pizza Pizza’s proprietary tamper-proof Safety Lock mechanism will be used for pizza boxes in all sizes across the group’s retail estate.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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