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#1 Spirit pack converts into mobile connected speakers

Global rum brand Bacardi is making available their dark rum variant Carta Negra in a unique pack format complete with value-added music speaker set. Manufactured by Shepreth, Cambridgeshire headquartered MW Luxury Packaging, the pack holds a bottle of Bacardi’s black rum alongside two high quality speakers embedded in the packaging. The speakers can be connected to a mobile device using a wire, with the mobile stored in a recess at the back of the pack. The container has been made using recycled rigid board. The pack is held shut with two strong magnets with the Bacardi bottle held in place in vacuum formed fitments. The speakers and power pack are held in a specially printed flute platform. The pack is being pitched for use in a variety of places such as dinner parties and on the beach.

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#2 Future food packaging could use viruses to kill bacteria

Researchers at Hamilton, Ontario McMaster University have been working on an innovative way to improve food shelf life. According to a study published in American Chemical Society, future food packaging might fight ‘fire with fire’ and use viruses to kill bacteria. The idea is that the packaging would contain viruses called bacteriophages (phages) that kill the bacteria. These phages are unlike antibiotics in that they only kill certain types of bacteria. A challenge thus far has been to keep the phages alive once incorporated into the packaging. Researchers may now have found a way. They have managed to embed phages in soluble films known as ‘sugar glasses’. These films consist of two components. Pullulan is used to prolong the shelf life of fruit and trehalose, which is a sugar used as a stabilizing agent in freeze drying. In a liquid state, the phage-containing films were applied to packaging paper and air-dried at room temperature overnight. The phages that were embedded in the mixture of both pullulan and trehalose were still able to infect harmful bacteria such as Lysteria monocytogenes up to three months later. The phages that were embedded in just pullulan or trehalose lost their bacteria-killing effect within two weeks.

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#3 Family moments captured on pack

Tang is a powdered soft drink available in the Mexico market. The leading brand has introduced a new initiative as a follow-up to their recent ‘We’re Home Made’ campaign. The activity sees images of consumers and families on packaging through a ‘Family Album’ promotion. Consumers can have their images of special family moments printed on their very own packs as well as the opportunity to win a year’s supply of product. The promotion invites consumers to share photos and their stories online. There are 110 lucky consumers that will be selected to print the Tang packaging marketed throughout Mexico. The sleeves have been produced by Camargo Cia de Embalagens using HP Indigo 20000 digital technology that allows for this high quality printing of customized images. We have reported on several initiatives of this nature recently in the Innovation Zone. See Limited-edition vodka bottles feature on-pack consumer portraits and Personalised chocolate bars encourages consumers to engage.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Gift box opening reflects breaking chocolate ritual

Nestle’s KitKat brand have recent contributors to the Innovation Zone with a couple of new examples. The chocolate pack is helping to bring to life the consumer ritual of eating the product by breaking the product in half with a box that does exactly the same. The pack has been launched in the Brazilian market and features a gift box offering. KitKat Celebreak is an innovative box with nine units of KitKat Mini, in Milk, Dark and White variants. The cardboard box is easy to break in half and is an interesting ‘on brand alternative to conventional pack openings. The pack has designed by WPP owned CBA B+G.

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