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#1 New technology delivers 10 year biodegradable plastic

North American flexible packaging business Layfield have developed a new solution that improves plastic’s sustainability performance. The new initiative biodegrades in a matter of years rather than centuries unlike the majority of existing plastics in the market. The company’s new technology delivers a new plastic that should degrade in around 10 years in landfill. BioFlex will initially be used for the packaging of products such as coffee, peanuts and potato chips. It has a closure strip (that is also degradable within 10 years), which is available in a range of different sizes and colours. It is claimed the gas created from degrading 1,000 pounds (453kg) of these bags can power an electric car for a year. BioFlex is seen as resilient and maintains pack integrity. There is no requirement for any special equipment or any need to make adjustments to the packaging process. Unlike other biodegradable products, Bioflex will not break down early from oxygen or UV light.

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#2 Eye-catching carton board pack forms star shape

A new structural pack design has dynamically helped to bring a brand logo to life as well as grab consumer’s attention on shelf. Davidoff cigar sub brand Yamasa has a star as part of its logo design and this pack has been created with five individual diamond-shaped folded cartons each housing a cigar that are bound together.with a banderole. The packs combined form a star shape. The solution sees carton board being used as an alternative to metal tubes. The star-shaped brand is printed offset with hot foil finishing. The folded carton can also be stacked as a pyramid at the point of sale The folded carton also has the advantage that a single cigar can be removed from the pack and remains safely packed and well protected to take home.

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#3 Child-resistant reclosure with tabbed profile improves senior users’ pack access

A new child resistant pack has a differentiated tab mechanism that helps to keep tiny hands out of packs but assists those adult users with dexterity challenges to open easily. It is a tricky challenge for suppliers to provide child resistance but to still deliver a pack that can be opened by the target audience. The cost-effective Tab-Lok solution from provider of resealable, flexible zipper packs Zip-Pak can integrate into current manufacturing processes without the requirement for significant equipment changes or investment.

The unique differentiator of Tab-Lok is the tab mechanism on the zipper profile that is used to open and access the contents. The tabbed profile provides the necessary deterrent for younger children, yet still provides easy accessibility for older consumers that are often challenged by child-resistant packaging. The tab feature offers a simple yet effective opening experience. The zip features a multi-align fastener called Vector that requires minimal alignment to reseal. The zipper integrates into existing machinery with only minor modifications required.

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#4 Chocolate packs tap into growing personalisation trend

This year’s Christmas pack design for Ferrero’s Kinder packs gives shoppers the opportunity to put the gift recipient’s name on the pack. This is one of several initiatives spotted in the Innovation Zone that are embracing the growing personalisation trend. Customers can personalise their own box with their name and one of three characters; a penguin, reindeer or snowman.  Ferrero have, of course, previously created their ‘Your Nutella, Your Way’ campaign that saw names on packs for their famous Nutella product. London based design agency Pemberton & Whitefoord (P&W)  has designed this seasonal packaging. The seasonal collection has strong shelf-standout against other seasonal confectionery products on the market.

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