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Welcome to this week’s ThePackHub Innovation Zone snapshot.

ThePackHub has been collating some great packaging innovation initiatives and we have picked four recent examples for you to peruse below.

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#1 Limited edition yogurt initiate combines personalised product and pack

Yogurt brand Onken is embracing the increased demand for consumer personalisation with the introduction of a limited edition service, which allows consumers to create their own yogurt flavour combined with their name printed on the pack. Shoppers need to visit a special website – a virtual Onken YouGurt ‘factory’ – to choose their three flavours from a total choice of 12 giving the end user thousands of potential flavour combinations.  The bespoke offering is completed by having their name digitally printed of the yogurt pot. Onken YouGurt will run for a month and may pave the way for a more permanent execution.

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#2 Inline digital print delivers variable graphics and text at point of filling

Leading packaging and filling equipment manufacturer, Sidel is collborating with laser coding experts DataLase on the roll-out of a ground-breaking inline and real time digital printing technology. The ability to digitally print variable on-pack graphics at the point of filling is now a viable reality. High speed, quality printing is achieved through a unique inline digital printing (IDP) solution using DataLase’s colour-change pigment technology. The solution enables inkless fast turnaround digital printing. Beverage brand owners can now adopt mass customisation and personalisation designs.

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#3 Can shapes and sizes for every Australian’s requirements

Kraft Heinz has acknowledged the differing packaging requirements of Australian consumers with the introduction of a range of cans designed for four different types of eater. The standard ubiquitous can size has been replaced by four distinctive and non-standard shapes all designed to meet a specific meal occasion / user requirement. ‘The Lil’ One’ is a 130g meal for a younger child; ‘The One For One’ is a 220g designed for a teenager; ‘The One for Two’ is a option for couples and a family meal is met with the ‘The One For All’ 555g can. The serving sizes are part of a new campaign called ‘a can size for every Aussie’. The initiative follows a research study by Kraft Heinz that found that Australian shoppers were looking for ideal can sizes to meet different occasions and circumstances.

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#4 Single piece of rolled paper creates light

Japanese design studio Nendo has developed a clever innovation with potential future packaging applications. They have created a single piece of paper that is able to produce light when it is rolled. The amount of light produced is adjustable and white or orange light is projected depending on which way the paper is rolled. As the user tightens the roll of the paper, the light gets stronger.  The paper has printed electronic circuit boards using silver particle ink. The paper light has several immediate potential uses as a lamp or flashlight and with imagination perhaps future use in the packaging industry. Sounds like the start of a great ideation workshop!

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