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#1 Paper deodorant tubes replace plastic push-up plastic packs

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has introduced a new paper tube format for their Secret and Old Spice deodorants brands for the US market.  The multinational brand owner has an objective to ensure that their beauty and grooming brands use only 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2030 and reduce use of virgin plastic by half. The deodorant market is seeing significant change at the moment with several structural design changes, material switches and reusable formats entering the market all with the primary objectives of being more sustainable. See these examples from the Innovation Zone. P&G will introduce the new innovative paper dispensing tubes, which will have a push-up function. The process was co-designed with consumers interested in reducing plastic in packaging. The paper tube package is made of 90% recycled paper. New paper fibre is used to make the post-consumer recycled paperboard stronger at the base.  The packs will initially be available in 500 Walmart stores in the US and will retail for about $10. If consumers respond positively to the packaging, P&G will expand the product offering nationwide and expand to other products in their range. See Paper-based deodorant packs offer alternative to plastic.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Health and wellness start up launches letterbox friendly pack

Heights is a start-up brand that sells health and wellness supplement products for the brain. It has introduced an innovative new pack format that makes their e-commerce sales more efficient and cost-effective. A new bottle has been created that contains the brand’s capsules in an asymmetric and very distinctive ‘thought bubble’ design. The transparent bottle shows off the contents and is made from PLA. It delivers an unusual and unique design that will present a remarkable unboxing experience. The shipping box has been designed in combination with the container, which could not be made from conventional cardboard and necessitated the creation of a sugar cane pulp hinged tray with a moulded inner to help keep the bottle securely in place. Heights has produced packaging that’s slim and easy to deliver to the home through the letterbox. The boxed product is less than 25 millimetres so will easily fit through letterboxes. See also Wine-by-post bottles fit through letterboxes.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Shower product sold in coffee cups aims to get noticed

Vienna, Austria-based start-up Waltz 7 is on a mission to shake up the health and beauty market with disruptive, category-changing new initiatives. The brand has made a name for itself previously with shower gel packaging called ‘Shower Smoothies’ in a food and drink squeeze bag that is more at place in the drinks aisle. This time the brand has introduced shower gels in coffee cups. You heard that right. The coffee-to-go cup is a real eye-catcher in the health and beauty aisles of the supermarket and perhaps looks more at home in a coffee shop.  The brand is using the format as a marketing tool and shoppers are certain to look twice at the coffee cup between the more conventional bottles and tubes on the shower-care shelves. The coffee cup contains a mousse peeling with Arabica beans and an espresso-chocolate scent.


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#4 Wine in tube format is a UK retail first

UK retailer Waitrose has become the first supermarket in the country to introduce wine in a tube format. The upmarket retailer is established in selling wine in non-glass bottle formats with 17 different bag-in-box wines, as well as several canned wines available. The new pack is made in collaboration with Italian producer, Orion Wine. The “bag in tube” contains the equivalent of three glass bottles and is completely recyclable. The new pack format offers freshness advantages. Once opened, the wine will remain fresh for about ten days longer than a 75cl glass bottle equivalent. This is an attractive alternative to the bag in box format. In other wine packaging news, the retailer plans to remove black plastic taps from its existing bag-in-box wines, with the taps being replaced with more easy to recycle white plastic.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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