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#1 Paper-based pallet stretch wrap reduces plastic use by up to 70%


A disruptive new packaging format is hitting the floors of warehouses thanks to a new initiative from Lleida, Spain-based Pampols Packaging. The business has announced the introduction of a new pallet wrapper that incorporates paper-based packaging. The solution has been designed to reduce the use of plastic for the protection and palletisation of warehouse loads. Pampols uses a special low-micron film that can reduce plastic use by up to 70%. It also has the additional benefit of being able to hide palletized merchandise. Pampols state that this is a “very novel product” that is 100% made of paper and is stretchable due to its specific mechanical properties. The wrap is reported to be functionally resistant to sharp angles and rounded edges as well as to any sudden movements during transportation. The new material serves as an alternative to other low micron plastic film on the market for businesses wanting to reduce the use of plastic in their palletised loads.

#2 Battery pack design encourages product recycling

A new pack design is in development that has been designed to encourage the recycling of household batteries. Ecopack is a patented carton pack for the storage of AA and AAA batteries. Standard packs of disposable batteries are not designed to encourage recycling. They are created to be opened once and not designed to be resealed. The packaging is often disposed of by the user once the pack has been first opened. The packaging often tears and the contents can fall out of the pack, making it difficult for the user to store the batteries for future use. When batteries are used up, there is no obvious place to store them. Consumers often find it hard to distinguish between used and new batteries. The creation of a smart pack for batteries makes it easier for users to store their batteries at home.   Ecopack works as a storage for both new and disposed batteries, without getting them mixed up. The plastic-free pack is recyclable and can be white or brown, and the package design contains no plastic. It is currently part of a Kickstarter funding campaign.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Reusable hand sanitiser pushes for funding

A new solution is at concept stage that offers a reusable alternative to reduce the usage of paper napkins and synthetic recyclable wipes. The solution has a particular appeal to capitalise on the large growth in demand for hand sanitisers in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Splash is a US brand that has created a reusable way to keep hands and belongings germ-free. It is refillable in seconds and works with any liquid solution. The compact and lightweight container is made from titanium and weighs under 30g. It is claimed to be virtually unbreakable. It is seen as useful for travellers and those on-the-go. It can be attached to keys, belts or handbags via a handy clip. It offers precision spraying and a 100% leak-free cap holder. Splash is available in four different patterned designs. The initial product design took over six months of prototyping and development. It is currently part of a fundraising and product awareness Kickstarter campaign.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Refill bottle for household cleaning products spray containers developed

Sattledt, Austria headquartered and Innovation Zone members Greiner Packaging have again been on the innovation trail with a new concept that taps into the growth for refill solutions. Their new solution is again developed in conjunction with its DesPro in-house design agency. The new initiative can be utilised for household cleaning products liquids in spray containers. it is claimed that the bottle can be used for the equivalent of four regular spray bottles and trigger sprayers. The 200-ml refill bottle for multiple doses has a practical flip-top cap with a guiding nozzle.  It is reported that the refill cycle decreases plastic use by up to 85%. The refill bottle can be made from HDPE, PP or PET and weighs about 16 grams. It is feasible to produce the entire bottle from PCR plastic. It includes 200ml of concentrate, which produces ten times its liquid volume over four spray bottle refills. The new bottle makes it easy for users to squeeze out their contents in consistent doses, which incorporates a user-friendly level indicator. The outer packaging is no longer strictly necessary, which further reduces material use.  The refill bottle can be made of HDPE, PP, or PET, while the lid can be made from HDPE or PP.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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