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#1 Paper-based chocolate wrapper prototypes ready for consumer testing

German chocolate brand Ritter Sport is testing a new paper-based wrapper in a response to consumer feedback about the use of plastic in their packaging. The brand has taken a big step in the development of a paper solution and wants to get the opinion of consumers for their ‘In Papier’ prototype. The existing single-material film used for their products is currently recyclable in Germany but the business still feels there is room for improvement hence the introduction of alternative packaging with a newly developed special paper. The brand is reaching out to 500 testers via their blog who will then feedback on how the packaging performs. Subscriber content: See also Chocolate wrapper free of foils, laminates or plastics makes trial debut.

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#2 Turmeric oil-based biopolymer film stops food fungus growth

Researchers from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Malaysia have developed a new film that could be effective at extending food shelf life. The solution incorporates turmeric oil. The plant is used as a spice for cooking and is well known for its anti-microbial properties. It has functional characteristics that appear to stop the growth of a common food fungus called Aspergillus niger. As a biodegradable material, it also degrades well in soil. Researchers added varying amounts of turmeric oil to biopolymer films made from cassava starch, glycerol and carboxymethyl-cellulose. Researchers found in tests that the films were effective, with larger amounts of turmeric oil in thicker test films being better at inhibiting the fungus growth. They also observed that more antimicrobial compounds were released from thicker films. It has been determined that the right combination of turmeric oil and film thickness is essential to effectively inhibit microorganisms. The team plans to conduct sensory tests to evaluate consumer acceptance.

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#3 Bubble wrap made from recycled content reduces carbon footprint by 30%

Charlotte, Carolina headquartered Sealed Air has manufactured the original Bubble Wrap protective packaging since its invention in 1957. The company’s proprietary technology helped to transform the parcel industry and support the safe distribution of billions of items in the e-commerce channel worldwide each year. The recycled content used to make the newest version of Bubble Wrap is sourced from post-industrial materials that would otherwise finish up in landfills. The post-consumer recycled content is at least 90%. The product can be recycled at store drop-off locations. Recycled-content Bubble Wrap offers the same level of protection and air retention as the original yet apparently reduces carbon footprint by 30%.  The solutions have been approved by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to carry the How2Recycle label for recycling at store drop-off locations alongside shopping and bread bags.


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#4 Paper-based ice-cream pack made with renewable sugarcane derived coating launched

Oatly Non-dairy Frozen Dessert is made from oats instead of cow’s milk. The brand is supporting is natural positioning with the introduction of a renewable ice cream board. The solution is from global specialist in plant-based packaging solutions Evergreen Packaging with their Sentinel offering. Evergreen combined with its packaging converting partner Smithville, Ontario-based Stanpac Packaging. The solution is described as a first of its kind that sees a paper-based ice-cream pack made with an innovative renewable PE coating derived from sugarcane. It comes from renewable resources, paper derived from trees where overall growth exceeds use. The Sentinel solution does not require any changes to existing converting equipment. Subscriber content: See also Fully recyclable ice cream packaging makes UK launch.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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