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#1 Paper-based beer bottles to be trialled across Europe

Danish multinational brewer Carlsberg have announced that they plan to trial 8,000 paper-based beer bottles across several European countries. The brand owner had first publicised their intention to introduce a paper bottle as reported in the Innovation Zone as far back as February 2015. The initiative continues to edge nearer to market introduction. The bottles are made from sustainably sourced wood fibre, with a plant-based polymer lining supplied by Carlsberg’s partner, Amsterdam-based chemical technology company, Avantium. The bottles are fully recyclable. The cap of the bottle is not bio-based, but it is still recyclable. Carlsberg will use customer feedback to judge the level of success of the trial although the sample sizes are still relatively small speed across eight markets.


#2 Laser coding collaboration for compostable film starts

Cambridge-based Domino Printing Sciences has collaborated with compostable and biodegradable films specialist Futamura to assess the suitability of laser coding for its NatureFlex compostable film products. Domino has launched its D-Series CO2 laser coders, which it says provide an additive-free solution for manufacturers that use Futamura’s NatureFlex compostable cellulose films. Using Domino’s new laser coders, Futamura reported a clean, crisp, white code on its NatureFlex compostable film with no impact on film integrity or chemical composition. Moisture barrier properties were also unaffected. The companies say that the option of laser coding a message onto the NatureFlex flexible film is an attractive prospect as the coding method does not require adding any additional materials onto the compostable substrate, which could complicate final certification. Futamura says that many of their customers want to show the final packaging’s certification and additional disposal information on the film to help inform end consumers.

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#3 Wooden lipstick is easy to refill

Two European beauty packaging suppliers have collaborated to develop a refillable wooden lipstick. Quadpack, based in Spain, has combined its expertise in wooden packaging with the French company Aptar, which supplied the lipstick mechanism technology. Called the “Iconic Woodacity Lipstick”, the new packaging solution was designed for minimal impact and maximum consumer engagement. It combines Aptar’s Iconic mechanism with Quadpack’s Woodacity full-wood patented technology. Attached to an aluminium tube, the mechanism is contained in a mono material wooden casing custom-designed and manufactured by Quadpack. Aptar’s mechanism is POM-free (acetal), glue-free and lubricant-free, offering a smooth, constant and precise rotation. The lipstick is refillable with ease: consumers simply pull out the used mechanism and snap in the new one. It is also possible to use refills of different colours simultaneously with one single casing to further reduce the pack’s impact. The 100% certified ash wood brings a natural touch and a sensory dimension to the pack.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Isothermal meal box change delivers 20% more efficiency

Canadian sustainable packaging manufacturer Cascades has announced the development of a new isothermal meal box that is claimed to be 20% more efficient than its current home delivery solution. This new solution, known as the northbox XTEND is said to create a moisture barrier that helps keep the insulation rigid. The packaging keeps food fresh during long transit times and in regions with higher temperatures and requires less ice. The XTEND packaging solution is made of recycled cardboard and was determined to be recyclable by an external laboratory and prequalified by How2Recycle. The company is also commissioning a new production site for its northbox product line: Cascades Enviropac, in York, Pennsylvania. This facility is the second in four months to be opened to support Cascades’ growth in the isothermal packaging solutions market.


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