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#1 Oral care tube portfolio to switch to fully recyclable format

Toothpaste tubes are sold in their millions every day but the vast majority cannot be recycled. Their multi-layer construction makes them impossible to recycle in municipal facilities. A lot of work is being undertaken behind the scenes. More work has been announced by German consumer goods leader Henkel. Their complete Oral Care tube portfolio will be fully recyclable by early next year and will contribute to the brand owner’s goal to achieve 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. The transition will be incorporated by Spanish toothpaste brand Licor del Polo and will incorporate proprietary Greenleaf tube technology from the supplier of the world’s largest range of beauty and personal care packaging Albéa. The solution enables the packaging to be fully recyclable wherever collection schemes are active. The tubes are technically recyclable within the existing HDPE bottles recycling streams. The unique tube-making technology uses a single-blown film to reduce the product’s CO2 footprint.  The Greenleaf technology will convert more than 700 tons of packaging material per year into a category, that can be utilized and recovered by existing waste recycling streams. The world’s first full HDPE tube in 2021, which will then also include the cap. See also First-ever recyclable toothpaste tube starts market rollout.


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#2 QR codes applied to inside of closures ensures engagement is from end user

Leading system and solutions provider for aseptic packaging and regulars to the Innovation Zone SIG Comblibloc is improving consumer engagement with the extension of their PAC.ENGAGE QR code solutions for their closures. The launch of the ‘One Cap, One Code’ initiative opens up one-to-one marketing dialogue for brand owners. SIG’s digital closure solution has been launched initially for their combiGo closure and enables food and beverage brands to apply QR codes to the inside of closures, which will only be visible to the end consumer. QR codes are easily and quickly scanned by smartphones to keep consumers entertained and informed. Hiding QR codes in the closures inside the pack offers a more personal touch and one that guaranteed dialogue with the actual end user rather than anyone else that might decide to scan the pack before consumption. One of the largest dairy producers in China, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co is an early adopter and will launch ‘Perfect Love’ fruit yoghurt with a QR code in the closure.

#3 Air chamber design prevents packaging from sinking into ocean

The global challenge of mounting ocean plastic waste is not going away. It is estimated that the equivalent of a truck’s worth of plastic enters our seas every single minute. A new packaging format has been designed that hopes to help make the recovery of the materials easier. Gravity System is a Spanish design that prevents packaging from sinking into oceans and rivers. A small air chamber in the container’s base prevents it from sinking. This allows it to remain afloat on the water’s surface and therefore more visible for collection and potential recycling. The high visibility may also reduce the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra that may reduce efforts to collect materials. The solution has been created in collaboration with innovation business La Fábrica de Inventos. Any size container can be adapted and is does not matter what type of plastic is used. The redesign can be created without harming the internal content and without damaging its ergonomic and functional exterior shape. The piece snaps into the bottom of the container. The system could be further improved if the piece itself was given a reflective finish that would increase its visibility.


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#4 Introduction of 100% recyclable own-label crisp tube is a UK retailer first

Retailer Asda is pushing forward with their commitment to reduce their own-brand plastic in their packaging by another 15% by next year. The Walmart owned UK supermarket has announced that it has become the first retailer in the UK to introduce a 100% recyclable own-label crisp tube. The change will cut 98.2 tonnes of non-recyclable packaging from Asda’s supply chain, the equivalent of 2.34 million tubes of crisps each year.  Asda is switching the whole of its own-brand Snax range into cardboard-only packaging. Crisp tubes are conventionally made from a combination of foil, metal and cardboard materials making them non-recyclable. Asda have now introduced a solution for their crisp tubes that’s easy and simple for consumers to recycle. It is assumed that the change will lead to some compromise to overall shelf-life. The Snax products come in two varieties, Original and Sour Cream and Onion and shoppers can purchase the new packs in-store and online.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

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