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#1No-spill coffee cup concept edges towards market launch

An inventive and convenient way to prevent coffee cups from spilling has been created that also taps into the growing reusable packaging trend. The ‘Magic Coffee Cup’ concept has been invented by a UK start-up and has received additional funding to help make a reality. The coffee mug has been designed to make it difficult to knock over and uses a suction pad to keep the cup in place on a variety of different surfaces when not being used. The thermal qualities of the mug will also help keep the contents warm. Limited quantities of prototypes have been developed, which have subsequently sold out and the ‘Magic Suction Mug’ has been trademarked with a view to an eventual market introduction.

#2 Reusable netting replaces single-use plastic stretch wrap

Tauranga, New Zealand-based Gaprie Ltd works with hundreds of warehousing customers across their home market and in Australia. The business has introduced a cost-effective and reusable alternative to traditional pallet containment solutions that also boasts good sustainability advantages. Gaprie’s P.C.Nets have been designed and manufactured as a reusable alternative. The robust and secure netting replaces the need for single-use plastic shrink/stretch wrap to secure product onto pallets. The solution can also save money through the elimination of costs associated with disposing and replacement of used plastic film. The P.C.Nets are made from a knotless pp mesh and are pulled down around the product, then secured to the bottom of the pallet. The nets come in three different pallet sizes and are colour coded for easy recognition of sizes and heights.

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#3 Powder-based personal care range reduces packaging use as well as CO2 emissions

Californian officials have recently put measures in place to outlaw the use of plastic bottles for hotel amenities from 2023. This is generating a creative challenge for suppliers. Premier guest care products supplier Hotel Emporium is on the case with a new solution. Eco Pod is a personal care packaging solution range for the hospitality and leisure sector that could have applications outside of California and across the rest of the world. Eco Pod is single-use, compostable and compact and is an ideal replacement to the miniature plastic bottles. It is made from a combination of sugar cane, bamboo and wood fibres. The product range, includes shampoo, conditioner and body wash and contains up to four uses in powder-based formulation. The empty containers will naturally break down into organic matter over time. It is not clear under what conditions biodegradability is optimised.


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#4 Fibre-based spoon developed to replace plastic

International packaging business Schur employs around 850 people across facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the US. The business is set to tap into the plastic-reduction and the EU directive to ban the use of plastic spoons with the introduction of a new fibre-based spoon as a sustainable alternative to similar plastic offerings in the market. The new patent-pending Schur Spoon is made of natural cardboard fibre and is intended to replace plastic spoons used for yoghurt pots.  The Schur Technology arm of the business is currently developing the machine to fold the spoons. Schur Pack is working with stakeholders to further improve the concept. See Biodegradable utensils promise to compost in just 10 days and Foldable spoon with teabag reduces plastic use.

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