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#1 New flip top avoids ‘glued on’ lids for German honey brand

Munich-based Breitsamer Honey has introduced a new flip-top lid for part of its product range. The flip top lid was developed as a way of making sticky jars a thing of the past. Traditional metal screw top lids suffer from becoming glued to the jar if the consumer is not diligent when replacing the lid, making it difficult to open on the next occasion. Because of the lid’s design, no honey comes into contact with the screw top. The new lid also features an integrated scraper edge, meaning none of the product is wasted, and the consumer does not have to hold the spoon in their hand until it is clean enough to be put down. The new format features a foil seal that is required to be peeled before replacing the flip top lid. Both the glass jar and lid can be recycled separately and easily.


#2 Natural coating improves shelf life of fruit and vegetables

Akorn Technology is a California-based supplier of natural coatings that maintain product quality and extend a products’ shelf life. Their all-natural edible food coatings are made from upcycled by-products of non-GMO corn. The company says that their coatings reduce moisture loss to prevent wilting, shrivelling, and loss of texture and flavour. They control oxygen exchange to slow down the ripening while maintaining flavour. They also enhance the fruits’ natural gloss and increase resistance to mechanical damage, and maintain the produce’s perfect texture for a better eating experience. The coatings are suitable for a wide range of products, including temperate and tropical fruits, vegetables, cut fruit, vegetable products, and shelled nuts. Other functional additives can be incorporated, such as vitamins, nutrients and flavours. They are also compatible with essential oils and other all-natural antimicrobials to inhibit the growth of foodborne pathogens.

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#3 Closed-loop alternative to single-use corrugated boxes

Pact Retail Accessories, based in St. Albans, UK, specialises in reusable products such as garment hangers and security sensors. They have introduced the PolyBox, a polymer-based box that is a substitute for corrugated packaging, enabling garment boxes to be reused and no longer discarded for recycling after one use. Although the initial creation of a PolyBox has a larger carbon footprint than a corrugated cardboard box, it is reported that after just one reuse, the greenhouse gas emissions become lower than those for single-use board containers. The PolyBox comes in a variety of box sizes that are available for production use, and can be customised for a retailer’s needs. Reusing an item multiple times creates a carbon footprint that is up to 64% lower than a comparable single-use option. It also uses up to 86% less water. Pact launched the PolyBox in 2022 with successful retail trials at merchants in the United Kingdom and Australia.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Patented pouch innovation reduces excess packaging

Toronto-based Arranti has launched a new product called the Beyond Spout Pouch, which the company calls “the pouch without the spout”. The new flexible valve technology provides controlled dispensing and spill-proof containment of liquids in flexible packaging. The flexible valve yields when squeezed, and pressure is applied to the product compartment, which then enables controlled dispensing. When pressure is released, the valve reoccupies and closes the dispensing channel. Dispensing is said to be easy and convenient, with one-handed functionality. The Beyond Spout Pouch is also stated to be efficient for in-line production applications. This patent-pending innovation is available with either digital or gravure print. It is also available in 100% recyclable material. The pouch boasts a myriad of uses, including shampoo & conditioner, lotions & gels, soap & body wash, hand sanitiser, household cleaners & detergents and liquid refills.

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