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#1 Nestle to supply brands for Argentinian packaging-free chain

Cero Market, which makes the claim of being the first packaging-free supermarket chain in Argentina, has entered into a partnership with Nestlé to supply three of its biggest brands without packaging. Nestlé will supply its Maggi puree, Nescafé instant coffee and Nesquik cocoa powder to Cero Market, whose slogan is  ‘Zero containers, zero waste and zero minimum quantities’. Selling items by weight, the customer takes exactly the amount they need, promoting zero waste. The initiative helps Nestlé in their sustainability goals. They are aiming for their packaging to be 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025, thus ensuring that none of their packaging ends up in landfill. Cero Market currently has twelve stores, selling, among other items, hygiene products, cleaning, infusions, seeds, legumes, flours, jams and sweets.


#2 Fragrance closure made from rPET

Texen is a leading French supplier of product solutions for the luxury & beauty markets. Luxury beauty and fragrance brand Chanel were looking for a more environmentally-friendly option for their jar closures. Texen were able to offer an rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), made from recycled PET bottles. The cap contains a black dye that was specifically developed to make it detectable in optical recycling streams, aiding recycling of the component and allowing better management throughout its life cycle. The new cap was developed using Texen’s polycondensation technology, and gives the same mechanical and sensory properties as the previous cap. Texen claim to be able to produce the raw material and manufacture a finished component in less than twenty minutes. The new cap will be used on Chanel’s Le Lift and Hydra Beauty skincare lines.

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#3 Biodegradable corn-based material helps increase food shelf life

A newly developed packaging material could help reduce the amount of spoiled food that gets discarded by making produce last longer. The biodegradable development is being overseen by scientists from Harvard University and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore. The material is made via an electrospinning process. Its fibres consist of a zein corn protein combined with starch, cellulose and some other naturally-derived polymers. The zein is acquired from corn gluten, a waste by-product from ethanol production. The fibres are ingrained with antibacterial compounds such as thyme, citric acid and acetic acid. The compounds stay within the fibres when the film is wrapped around food. If enzymes are produced by bacteria, the compounds are released that then kill the bacteria and any fungi that may be present. In tests, strawberries wrapped in the new film stayed mould-free for seven days compared to four days for fruit kept in conventional fruit baskets.  The material is still some way from any market commercialisation.

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#4 Supermarket trial of refillable draught beer concept commences

Last orders, please! Following a successful trial of refillable packaging, last year at Asda’s sustainability store pilot in Leeds, UK, the British supermarket chain has collaborated with the Craft on Draft brand to launch a new draught beer concept within one of their Milton Keynes stores. The scheme will see 12 different beers on the menu, poured into one or two litre containers by Asda shop assistants, which can then be bought and taken home to then be reused by consumers. If the trial proves successful in terms of both sustainability and profitability objectives, Asda plans to extend the idea to several more stores across the UK, and also incorporate other alcoholic beverages into the scheme including cocktails and stouts.


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