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#1 Monomaterial punnet for berries and soft fruits introduced



Packaging of some description for soft fruit is unavoidable – many soft or small fruits like berries are vulnerable to deformation, so they cannot be left without packaging protection, unlike more resistant fruits. A priority for this packaging requirement is to make it more sustainable. An example can be found from Novolex brand and Milton Keynes, UK-based Waddington Europe who have launched a mono-material fruit punnet employing their “MonoAir” cushion technology to keep the fruit protected. Made to replace traditionally used punnets with an extra layer of bubble padding, the mono-material aspect of the pack allows for easier recycling, due to the lack of the need for the separation of different materials before they can be recycled. The pack is also reported to contain around 30% less plastic than previous iterations while continuing to preserve the good protection and preservation of the fruit inside.

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#2 Paper packaging for butter makes French debut



Sodiaal cooperative subsidiary Candia have launched new packaging for their Nature de Breton butter brand. Made of 96% paper with a thin metal barrier for impermeability to grease and outside contamination, the shelf life of the butter has no compromise compared to traditionally used alternative packaging substrates used such as aluminium or polypropylene. The major advantage of this pack over alternatives is the recyclability; it can be recycled by consumers in regular waste sorting streams. There was, however, a problem that they had to overcome. The lack of a permanent shape of the folded paper proved difficult for keeping the pack sealed. But, with three years of research and development, they managed to fold the pack in a particular way that held its shape, which can easily be replicated on production lines.

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#3 Carbon-neutral potatoes includes paper-based bags



Puffin Produce, based in Pembrokeshire and owners of the Root Zero brand of potatoes, have announced what they claim are the UK’s first carbon-neutral potatoes. They are packed in plastic-free paper bags, which also use water-based inks and adhesives so that they can be either recycled back into paper, used for storing other vegetables, or home-composted. The use of paper is reported to prevent more than five and a half tonnes of plastic from reaching supermarket shelves according to Root Zero. The paper for the bags is supplied by Van der Windt Packaging and uses their cartoPaper material. Root Zero has measured every contribution to the potatoes’ carbon footprint – from the power used on the farm to the transport used to take Root Zero potatoes to the supermarket, even down to customers cooking their spuds at home. Trials are starting in 200 Co-op stores across the UK, with other supermarkets expected to follow.

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#4 Second-generation water-based barrier for paper fatty foods applications



Finnish paper manufacturer Walki has announced the development of a second-generation water-based barrier designed to take the place of plastic for fatty foods applications. The new dispersion coating called Walki Evo is applied to the paper to prevent fatty components from migrating into the packaging and causing visible staining. The Walki Evo range of papers also has heat-sealing properties, as well as water vapour barriers, and also gives a reported increase in shelf-life. It has mechanical strength combined with good running capabilities on packing lines. It is also suitable for secondary packaging of fatty items such as multipacks of chocolate bars. The Walki Evo dispersion coating portfolio contains medium to very high barrier levels for both rigid and flexible fibre-based packaging. The recyclability of these materials is increased significantly as a plastic layer does not have to be removed for recycling.

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