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#1 Marker technology helps recycling separation process

Recycling optimisation and sorting company Polysecure have collaborated with plastic producers Röchling to create a new innovation called SmartMarker, which is designed to aid in the process of separating specific plastics in order to recycle more efficiently. The solution is not only useful for recycling – the SmartMarker tech can offer counterfeit protection as well. It works by giving their plastic products a unique identifier made of tiny marker particles, which are fully transparent and do not affect the properties of the product in any way. This allows them to track the origins of the material as well as separate it from other materials for easier recycling.


#2 Flavour-adjusting electric chopsticks make low-salt food taste salty

Japanese manufacturer of beverages and pharmaceutical products, Kirin Holdings has partnered with Tokyo-based Meiji University researchers to demonstrate a set of electric chopsticks that can boost people’s perception of saltiness. The researchers say that the “electric taste sensation” system pairs one regular chopstick with another that’s connected to a wrist-worn power supply and control computer. Apparently, the system uses very weak electricity, not enough to affect the human body – to adjust the function of ions such as sodium chloride and sodium glutamate to change the perception of taste by making food seem to taste stronger or weaker. Gel “food” samples were given to participants, with precisely measured salt levels representing “normal” salted food and a reduced-salt version with some 30% less salt in it. When the device was turned on, subjects rated the reduced-salt food as slightly saltier than the “normal” food, on a “saltiness intensity evaluation point” scale.

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#3 Collectable lego-like packaging for new cannabis brand

New York design studios MA-MA and Pràctica have come together for the rebranding of Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen’s Houseplant cannabis brand. The new packaging is comprised of stackable containers that resemble Lego bricks. Along with the lego-like cannabis containers, MA-MA and Pràctica designed a custom typeface and modernist line illustrations of Houseplant products for the package rebranding. The cube-shaped containers come in three bold colours, green, pink and orange, against a blue background, corresponding to the different strains of cannabis they contain. The lids have a circular protrusion, making them stackable like Lego. Houseplant were keen on having the flower container be something people would want to display on their shelves as a collectable keepsake. The design is said to subtly reference the nostalgic imagery of classic modernist product design packaging, with product shapes dictating the visuals.

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#4 Digitally-enabled tracking tool for pharmaceutical manufacturers launched

Munich-based Schreiner MediPharm has launched its upgraded Smart Blister Wallet – a digitally-enabled tool that allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to track compliance with clinical trial participants automatically and with greater flexibility. This new version has doubled the number of cavities available from 32 to 64. Featuring twice as many cavities, it can be implemented for all blister designs as well as for two or multiple-fold blisters. This prolongs the period of time during which the wallet can be used, and enables extended integration of several dosage strengths. Schreiner MediPharm supplies the cardboard box including the integrated conductive tracks and printed circuit board to the pharmaceutical manufacturer or contract manufacturing organization (CMO). Schreiner says that the solution is convenient, with an easy push-through removal of tablets, and simple NFC-based (near field communication) data reading at one point on the wallet, irrespective of the number of blister cards it contains.


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