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#1 Limited edition vodka bottle created with parts of broken, recycled glass

Absolut are one of the leading brands in the art of delivering stand out and head-turning limited editions and their latest efforts looks to keep that trend going. Absolut Comeback is a new special edition bottle that commemorates recycling and the circular economy through the use of parts of broken and recycled glass. The glass bottle that you will to want to keep for ever is positioned as the bottle that highlights the need to recycle. Absolut Company worked with glass packaging manufacturer Ardagh Glass and their design team on the bottle that ‘celebrates recycling’. The intention was to create a bottle design based on recycled glass to promote and visualize the benefits of recycling. The solution sounds like a potential health and safety nightmare with at least 40% of the bottle consisting of recycled glass with actual parts of broken glass included. See also Limited edition spirit pack delivers distinctive pack shape.


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#2 Vanilla-flavoured, edible coffee cups take to the sky

Edible packaging continues to come to our attention as brands and retailers trial ways to bring more sustainable products to market. This time we see Air New Zealand trial edible coffee cups in an attempt to reduce single-use packaging waste. The airline serves more than eight million cups of coffee each year. The leakproof vanilla-flavoured cup doubles as a dessert bowl and reported feedback so far is that they have been popular with passengers both in the air and on the ground. The cups are the brainchild of New Zealand developers Twiice. As part of a broader sustainability drive, Air New Zealand recently switched to plant-based cups on board all aircrafts and in lounges to prevent them from going to landfill. See also Edible smoothie cup hits Brazilian shelves.

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#3 Gourmet sausage brand delivered in tube format

Embutidos España has announced the launch of a new meat proposition in an unusual pack format. The container for gourmet Iberian sausage has been specifically designed for the Christmas season and comes in its own recyclable tube. The solution came as a response to consumer research that indicated that there was demand for a seasonal and premium offering in distinctive and differentiated packaging.  The 400 g containers is already on sale in some retail stores, where it is being well received by shoppers.



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#4 Laundry bags dissolve safely in hot water

The laundry bag market is getting a functional overhaul with the introduction of hot water-soluble bags for the Australia market. The new proposition has been introduced by New South Wales based Australian distributor, DB Packaging. The bags are made using technology devised by Birmingham, UK plastic technology experts Aquapak. They have developed their Hydropol polymer that is non-toxic and marine-safe. It’s a biodegradable material that is soluble in warm or hot water. See also Clothing brand launches bags that break down naturally in soil and in waterThe bags will be used to contain dirty and/or contaminated laundry and then put directly into washing machines without any direct human contact. The bags dissolve in hot water with no plastic residue to dispose. The new solution retains all the functionality of traditional plastic bags. DB Packaging has worked with Advent Packaging to bring the range of laundry and food waste bags to market.

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